Festive Ride. Get with the programme.

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The North East Region OPP detachments launched Festive Ride Provincial Traffic Safety Campaign today, joining OPP  officers across the province for the annual ride checkpoint sleuthing that – frankly – makes me feel a whole lot better.

Every single one of the people stolen from every single person who loved that person had their story trampled upon. Whether a death was involved or not. When a person learns that their life is forever altered because someone who could not or would not get with the programme – Well. There you go. There aren’t any words.

An intruder has entered a sacred space – however that definition is expressed – only loss is left.

Well – let’s all do our part to be the cheerful – thankful – kind citizens we should be towards our law enforcement sleuthing teams if we find ourselves in a ride check. The good news is that most of us already are. As far as places to live – let’s face it – it could be a lot worse.

We northerners are a sturdy bunch. Whatever our backgrounds, we do have northern winters on Highway 17 in common  Driving to points east and west –  on secondary highways leading to Searchmont, Rydalbank, St. Joseph Island, Leeburn – Echo Bay – Iron Bridge –  Bellingham –  Chapleau – Blind River – Elliot Lake – and more. Many, many more.

We rely on the OPP to be the gate-keepers of all of that.

Let’s  hope for the best in humanity  – and look forward to learning, that, after the OPP’s Festive Ride campaign is over, the numbers are slim to none. Hope is a star that shines in the night. Find another way home. Period.

Please take a look at the video below, as found on the NER OPP twitter feed earlier today.


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