Ford should focus on Ontario, not on replacing Scheer, LeBlanc says


OTTAWA — Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc says the Ford government should be unveiling its plan to combat climate change in Ontario, rather than resorting to gimmicks to criticize the federal plan.

The provincial government is reportedly planning to use Thursday’s economic update — the first since Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives swept to power in June — to announce measures aimed at exposing the cost to consumers of the federal Liberals’ carbon tax.

The Globe and Mail has reported that possible measures include slapping carbon tax stickers on gas pumps across Ontario and itemizing home heating bills and gas receipts to show the cost of the federal carbon tax.

The federal government intends to issue annual carbon tax rebates directly to Ontarians, which it says will more than cover the additional costs.

LeBlanc says the Ford government seems to spend a lot of time “fabricating” details of the federal plan and dreaming up gimmicks to underscore its opposition to putting a price on carbon pollution.

He says Ontarians would be better served if Ford spent more time focusing on his job as premier rather than trying to be part-time Opposition leader in Ottawa.

The Canadian Press