Franco-Ontarians say resistance to government cuts could include legal challenge


OTTAWA — The main organization representing Franco-Ontarians says legal action is possible if the provincial government doesn’t reverse cuts affecting francophones.

Organization president Carol Jolin says he wants a meeting with Premier Doug Ford to demand the province restore its support for francophones.

Jolin told a news conference in Ottawa today it isn’t too late to overturn the government’s plan to cancel the opening of a French-language university and scrap the office of the French-language services commissioner.

The Assemblee de la francophonie de l’Ontario represents 160 community organizations and institutions in the province. Jolin says his group is determined to uphold past gains and defend members’ rights.

The province announced its intentions last week, drawing criticism from francophones across Canada and from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On Wednesday, a member of Ford’s caucus who represents a mainly French-speaking riding called the cuts extremely disappointing.

The Canadian Press