Jeff Arbus Shares how Jewish Community is Moving Forward After Tree of Life Shooting


Jeff Arbus, member of the Sault’s local Jewish community, joined us in the ONNtv studios to talk about the shooting that occurred this past Saturday in Pittsburg at the Tree of Life Synagogue. It is being labelled a hate crime, rooted inherently in anti-Semitism.

The shooting took the lives of eleven people, injuring six others.

Arbus described this event as heartbreaking – but appreciates the outpouring of support from other religious communities and individuals within our city.

He hopes that, in continuing to teach the importance of tolerance, respect and inclusivity, that we as a society can work towards a world with less hate. The first step towards achieving this post-shooting in the Sault will take place this evening, November 1st, at the Beth Jacob Synagogue at 7pm. A memorial service will be held, mourning those whose lives have been lost and to stand up in solidarity against hatred.

All are welcomed, but seating is limited.

For more details on the memorial, click here.


  1. Maybe once people realize that Israel is dividing the world peace, cooler heads will prevail. Yes the Holocaust was a travesty, but it is also history. Time to quit sucking up to Israel and make the world a better place.

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