Mike McCleary Talks Bill 47


When the Ontario government passed Bill 47 last week, small business people cheered.

But local member of Fifteen and Fairness, Mike McCleary, told ONNTV’s Lou Anne Young, that there is more to the bill than stopping a $15.00 minimum wage, it also makes a number of other changes that will adversely affect workers.

Watch the video above.


  1. Yes bereavement days are currently paid…my sister died and I got paid. A couple years ago, when other family members died, they weren’t paid. PC ruin everything…even dying.

  2. I am a minumum wage worker, full time, for over 35 years, and have come to the reality that most employers dont care about you, all they care about is their bottom line, there are a few that do value you as a worker, but most employers only care about their profit margin, you are just a number to them, you are replaceable.

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