N.O.W Program Assists the ‘Chronically Unemployed’ in the Sault


The Sault Community Career Centre’s Heidi Ivany shared some background and insight about the N.O.W (New Outlook on Working) program that has been offered through the organization since 2014.

The program has been a success in terms of getting people who have been unemployed and, usually referred through Ontario Works, back into a job.

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  1. Mothering and working are choices too Emily McKiernan. I, for one, am glad Queenb Turcotte is asking how she or her friend can work and be an even better mom to her children. It shows a real care and concern for the well-being of her children. If only every mother was like Queenb Turcotte (or her friend).

    • Our doors are open to all ages, K.W. Criterion for the NOW program recommend that an individual be 25 years or older–we are always available to discuss your circumstances. C’mon in and talk to me!!

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