NOW4 Youth Gets Youth into the Workforce

Keith Brown, Sault Community Career Centre, Liz Fabiano, Executive Director, P.N.A. NOW4Youth,Karol Rains Sault Community Career Centre, Robert Nowosielski , Grant Volunteer with the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Robert Nowosielski , grant volunteer with the Ontario Trillium foundation was at the Sault Community Career Centre to congratulate staff and hear now a $462,000 grant will help youth aged 16-24 on social assistance, or with disabilities  enter the workforce.

The program called NOW 4Youth, isn’t just about fine tuning a resume, or learning how to do an interview, Liz Fabiano, Executive Director, P.N.A. NOW4Youth, explained to Saultonline.  The participants in the program may never have worked before and don’t understand the value of work and what it can do for them.

“We create first for them the notion that work is good for them from their perspective.”  said Fabiano.

The program helps them to see what it is they don’t like about their current situation, where they want go in life, and how does that link to work.

“The impact this Ontario Trillium Foundation grant will make cannot be underestimated,” said Karol Rains, Executive Director, Sault Community Career Centre.  “This grant will help recipients of social assistance get back to work.  It’ll help them realize that change is possible and that their greatness is only limited by the investment they make in themselves.”


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