Ready, Set, Build! (Gallery)

Gingerbread House Festive Face-Off
Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

The Dennis St. entrance at the Station Mall was packed full of rowdy people ready to have fun at Saturday morning’s “Sweet Homes for the Soup Kitchen – Gingerbread House Face-off” event.

This event was put on by students in Sault College’s Public Relations and Event Management Program to raise money for the Soup Kitchen Community Centre.

Six teams participated in this challenge, each provided with a gingerbread house kit, a starter set of decorations and icing. Each team was able to purchase additional candy and icing to help their houses look the best they could be.

This wasn’t your average gingerbread house face-off though – this contest came with a few twists. Members of the public, as well as members from each of the teams competing, were able to purchase “obstacles” to use on their opposition. These included building while blindfolded, building while wearing one oven mitt, or “freezing” another team so they couldn’t build at all for up to five minutes.

Barbara Finch, a PR student and one of the event organizers, told SaultOnline the group hopes this event raises at least $1,000 for the soup kitchen.

For more information about the Soup Kitchen Community Centre, visit their website here or check them out on Facebook.