Sault Based Tug Crashes Onto Dock In Detroit

CBC photo of barge of steel running aground on a dock on the Detroit side . Source: CBC Windsor

A Tugboat owned by Sault Ste. Marie based, Purvis Marine Ltd. carrying a load of rolled steel coil crashed onto a dock in the Detroit River according to reports from the CBC.

The vessel was traveling at a slow speed of around 15 km/h when the barge it was towing   crashed onto a dock west of the Ambassador bridge, no cause has been identified nor the extent of damage.

The tugboat, called Anglian Lady, had earlier made port in Detroit around 9:30 a.m. Friday. The tugboat was transporting a barge of rolled steel coils from Sault Ste. Marie.



  1. The barge is still aground, the hull was breached through the front section above the water level and the tug is also hung up in shallow water according to a statement made by Purvis Marine. The concrete dock was also damaged from the collision.

  2. Ouch. Someone was not paying attention and someone’s steel order is going to be late. Imagine the value of all that steel it must be in the tens of millions!

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