Students Give to ARCH


The students from the ADSB Hockey Skills Academy presented a cheque this morning to  ARCH Hospice Kids at the John Rhodes Center.

The students collected the money as a project for their Civic class. Steve Caruso, Program Administer told Saultonline that the students decided on the fundraiser and the charity who would receive the funds.

Used hockey equipment was collected and sold at the center over a two day period. The students donated their own used equipment as well as posting ads on social media. All of the equipment was purchased,in part thanks to local business Equipment World who stepped in and purchased the left over equipment.

Thanks to the students efforts ARCH kids received $835.00.

Katherine Williamson, Event Coordinator of ARCH said the Hospice is humbled when they see young people helping them, and they  appreciate all the help and support from each of the students and their teachers.

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