“There is a community, a subculture who cares:” Sex Workers Rights, or Lack Thereof


The Sault Ste. Marie Sex Workers’ Rights Group co-founder Amanda Jabbour has no qualms about advocating loud and proud for sex workers’ rights, in a world where sex workers are still highly stigmatized and often marginalized in society.

Jabbour hopes her organization will help to change the view of sex workers in our city.

She would love to see safe spaces for sex workers in our community, which would help sex workers to receive the resources that they need and keep their work safe.

She encourages individuals in the community to educate themselves and get to know sex workers before judging them. This has to come hand in hand with major macro changes such as policy and legislation change.

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  1. It’s no wonder shes advocates for sex workers the more they sell them selves the more drugs her and her little friends can buy and sell and she is currently listed on craigslist .if you got the drugs or money you 2 can have her 2 I’m sure she doesnt say that to the news .very judgemental .I would turn in my grave if she held a vigil for me

  2. That Amanda Jabbour was in my apartment building a few weeks ago, pants down, high and falling all over, barely could talk. children could see her during the day. Safe place for sex workers? What about safe places for children?

  3. for someone advocating for this and no problem calling hooker and junkie. especially when she sex worker and does drugs. to call other names . you dont Care. if u did then wouldn’t call people hookers and junkies. post bad stuff about them

  4. if maybe some didnt stand on the cornotr and try to flag down every car mainly the cracked out ones i guess or do there drugs on the street cornor and leave there shit there while they are waiting for their next john they give the “good ones” a bad name

  5. The other comment is why our community needs people like Amanda. The sex workers I know from the Sault have multiple degrees and have made huge contributions not only to the Sault but the Canadian politic. That being said I also support the safety of street-based workers without degrees. Legalization would help protect them and clearly distinguish what is SW and what is trafficking. Thank you Amanda for speaking up about this issue!!

    • Anyone could make such a statement without providing any proof, therefore it has no credibility or merit whatsoever. Nice try though.
      If these people have multiple degrees and have made huge contributions they would not be risking getting various diseases or demeaning and lowering themselves to laying on their backs to make a living.

        • B.S. They have sex with hundreds if not thousands, many of them with no scruples and a lot with permanent diseases that they love to spread far and wide. What ever happened to good old committed lifetime monogamous relationships like the one I enjoy? You can have your hookers and std’s and I don’t believe that multiple people with multiple degrees and contributions are screwing their way through life, they have a little more pride and morals than that.

        • First of all Len, sex work is the OLDEST profession on the planet. Your “good old monogamous relationships” only exist in your mind. I can’t fathom the ignorance that persists. Don’t speak about things that you have not educated yourself on. Just because it’s something you wouldn’t do yourself, doesn’t mean that you have the right to judge and put down others as human beings. Just as Amanda said, it’s absolutely repulsive.

    • There is no “distinguishing” sex work from sex trafficking from the outside. It’s something that happens within the industry itself. No different than how people who work on farms can be trafficked. You have to go into the farming communities to find the trafficking. Same with the fashion industry – go into the industry to find it. The problem however comes when “outsiders” who don’t understand the industry try and make laws regarding sex trafficking. To date, no one has been addressing the sex trafficking within the “legal” sex industry. Right now there are sex trafficking safe houses where the pimps are literally taking the women from the shelter to the strip club or massage parlor to go “work”, then hand him the money, and the cops do nothing because it’s “legal”. While sex trafficking is rampant within the legal brothels of Nevada – to date not one investigation has been done properly within the legal system. If you need help to exit the industry, or to escape trafficking – please contact http://www.sexworkersanonymous.net

  6. What a sad and demeaning way to try and make a living and as a guy you have to be pretty pitiful and awfully desperate to go near one of these ‘workers’ that has been around the block hundreds of times.
    Prostitution is not at all right and should be 100% illegal.

    • Actually it should be legal. They should have a red zone as do many cities throughout the world, Ever been to Amsterdam Lenny? I remember when they had a place on the American side of the river, frequented by tons of good old Sault boys. Sounds like maybe you had a disappointing experience bud. If the sault allowed them to have a safe place to work and be protected, they would not have to stand on the corner trying to flag you down Lenny.

      • No. I’ve never been to Amsterdam or any of these places you mentioned, nor have I ever paid anyone for sex. Normal people have lifetime committed monogamous relationships.
        I feel sorry for you if you are that hard up and desperate that you would risk your life having sex with a prostitute. And no, it should not be legal for anyone to sell their bodies.

    • pretty sad to see the attitudes towards sex work in the sault…what the hell people, sex workers are people who are as diverse as any community…yes community…we know and care about each other and have families…some of the comments here are borderline bigoted….never mind borderline…they are bigoted….
      demean ourselves? diseases? on our backs…cause that’s all we do right? spread our legs? it’s pretty “pitiful” to make comments about people you nothing about and for you all to spout the ridiculous stereotypes which make it “OK” to kill us….

      why is it dangerous to be a sex worker? because of people like you and the attitudes you have shared…you should all be ashamed.

      Rihkee, thank you…it is a well known and studied fact that MANY students pay their way to a PHD using sex work to save themselves from the ridiculously high tuition costs and student loan debt…
      i guess the rest of you prefer us cleaning toilette’s, living in poverty, crushed under debt and at your mercy…

      excuse us for fighting the barriers we face to a happy and productive life…
      i think it’s “sad’ that people feel they can look down on us so much, who the hell are you? to be so perfect and beyond judgement? you know what they say…

      feelin pretty sorry for sex workers in the sault tonight, you people do not know how lucky you are. to have such amazing and giving people in your community. you don’t deserve them…

      wake up, we are people. it is not ok to demean us with you bias. just like it’s not ok to demean ethnic minorities, LGBTQ2 people, first nations people or anyone for that matter.
      you are a bunch of bullies, disgusting


      • Shame on them .that’s whst they bring to there families. Cant say we know nothing about them shawn was right what about safety for the children .the girl in this very video running amuck around town half clothed and high out of her tree .its a small town and she has made quite the name for her self . 2 be pleading with the mayor to do something yet shes posting as hosting 24 7 as a sec worker to buy more drugs ? You gotta be stupid that is the most hypocritical thing ever to say the mayor needs to do something yet your helping them to support there habits .you girls are killing your selfs no sympathy from me what so ever. Maybe instead of trying to get your sex selling factory set up why not go to rehab and if you so badly want to work in social work move away to a place that u havent burned all your bridges and judged everyone you meet . Everyone sees right through you and the fact that sault online is entertaining your fairytail is highly disturbing

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