Train Jumps Tracks on Carmen’s Way


Traffic was back-up in both directions on Carmen’s way around the lunch hour when a  CN train jumped the tracks.

The train was stuck on the tracks that crossed the road. No explanation of why the train fell of its track  – it may have been weather related.

Sault Ste. Marie police services  re-routed traffic. No time line was given on how long Carmen’s way would be closed.

Another engine will be moved in to remove the stalled train. The company also says no hazardous material was involved in the ordeal.


  1. I used to walk the tracks between North St and Bruce St when my ex and I would walk the dogs. The conditio of that stretch was deplorable with mushroomed rails, rotten ties, and loose spikes all over.

  2. Unless there was a broken rail, the car rolled off of the tracks when the wheels climbed the ice build up over them. This won’t be the first or last time that this will happen. It boils down to poor track maintenance.

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