Two Vehicle Crash at the Top of the Hill


A Two vehicle crash blocked traffic for about an hour at the intersection of MacDonald Ave and Pim street around 10:30 this morning.

No one was injured in the collision between a small passenger vehicle and pick-up truck , both vehicles sustained major damage and were towed from the scene.

Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services and Police services tended to the collision and cleared the scene , traffic is flowing again in the area.


  1. All I can say is wow he said she said whatever I know some accidents are accidents but I drive every day and I see some crazy stuff a lot just going to fast its plain and simple slow down leave earlier stay off your phones and winter is around the corner and it’s only going to get worse

  2. Matt Farrell I see you are responding to several comments below to which each one seems defensive. I am going to assume you were involved or know persons involved. Maybe not this particular case, but if we were to eliminate careless drivers / distracted / folks in a rush, the amount of accidents would obviously decrease.

    • Most “genuine” accidents are usually preventable as well. It’s called following rules of the road, vehicle maintenance and driving according to weather conditions. Even if you pull out in front of someone by “accident”, you should be checking the flow of traffic before properly entering the lane. Unless you have a medical emergency, your vehicle suddenly malfunctions even with proper maintenance or weather radically changes, then it’s not considered a “genuine accident” in my opinion. Sorry, but it’s all things we should already be made aware of 😒

    • I was in the white car. I proceeded through a solid green light and a red truck turned left. There was a large vehicle beside me which would’ve made it difficult for him to see me coming. He made a mistake and was very apologetic. I don’t think he should removed from the road because of one accident, I hope you don’t either

    • So technically that was still preventable, but I understand. My original comment as I stated was not just in reference to your accident, but towards the sudden increase of reported accidents. We all know poor driving causes a large chunk of those accidents.

    • Celina Jeannette I’m not disagreeing with you. All I’m saying is I was in the white car, I have the police report, I know what happened, I know who was at fault, and I know it really was an accident.

  3. Unreal, living in Ottawa for 4 months, I seen far less accidents in a city 10 times our size and speed limits much higher. Hope everyone is alright…

    Pay Attention, it’s free…..for now!!! 😎

  4. This is accident # what in the last couple weeks that sootoday has reported alone?? Need to start taking terrible and distracted drivers off the road… the snow’s not even here yet 😑

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