Upgrade Your IT Skills with the Innovation Centre and Cisco


With the demand for IT talent growing in Sault Ste. Marie, The Sault Ste Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC) is partnering with Cisco to deliver online learning programs with technology innovation and insights to support IT job growth in our community.

This is an important step towards building IT skills and education for the future. Focusing on increasing digital literacy and specialized IT knowledge while creating a trained, diverse workforce for the digital economy will assist the region in economic growth.

An online course library at https://ssmic.com/elearning/ has been set up for applicants to choose their desired courses with a goal of earning a certificate at the end of the completed course. The self-paced programs are currently available and are free for applicants wanting to participate.

SSMIC is offering programs that build interest in the IT field in hopes that individuals will want to continue their learning at our local college and university. This will help individuals grow their digital skills to become well-rounded technologically. The focus of the curriculum stays true to Cisco’s expertise in networking and security and offers coursework in emerging fields. Those who register can learn about technologies that are shaping our future in areas such as security, networking, collaboration and Internet of Things.

“Cisco Networking Academy is proud to support IT talent development opportunities in Canada in all cities and regions. As we face a shortage of workers in IT today and tomorrow, all organizations, private, public, non-profit and everything in between must come together to tackle this challenge. We are thrilled to help Sault Ste. Marie upgrade their public offering of professional development opportunities,” said Philippe Landry, Cisco Networking Academy Manager in Canada.

“It is important for us to help build technological skills and to offer exploratory programs to connect with our other supports. Technological advancements open larger opportunities and generate new markets and new job opportunities for Sault Ste. Marie. Helping people obtain the skills they need to benefit from the digital economy is crucial for growth in our community,” stated John Prgomet, Manager of Business Development for SSMIC.