Water Treatment Plant Upgrades will Benefit Customers


PUC Services Inc. has implemented a leading edge system that will significantly improve its water treatment operations.

The advanced technology of the new SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system will not only address a needed upgrade to Sault Ste. Marie’s water treatment facilities but also will provide better oversight, increase safety and improve process control.

“These improvements were critical to ensuring we have a reliable and effective system and provide the best service possible to our customers,” said Rob Brewer, President of PUC Inc.

The advanced software allows for more precise and timely monitoring which can, for example, reduce incidents of water main breaks and provide advanced process control, he explained.

“Our employees now work with real-time data and have access to more detailed reporting allowing them to make more informed operating and maintenance decisions,” he added.

“These upgrades are a positive development for PUC Services, their customers and our community as a whole,” said Mayor Christian Provenzano. “As a Board, we have actively pursued innovative projects such as the SCADA system, energy storage facility and community smart grid. It is through these efforts we will modernize our local utility, which will help diversify our economy and offer a better service for customers.”

The Mayor toured the water treatment facility to view the new system and congratulate staff who were involved in the implementation.

The system also automates many tasks that were previously done manually, providing greater efficiencies for employees by allowing them to focus on analysis as opposed to data entry.

“We also have redundant control rooms at two locations for disaster recovery and emergency preparedness,” said Brewer.

The system was designed to provide flexibility and adaptability for future modifications or upgrades ensuring PUC Services can be responsive to further technological advances that can improve customer service.



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