We Scare Hunger Big Success


Hunger got a fright yesterday when students from St. Mary’s College and representatives from Maitland Ford delivered food for the annual “We Scare Hunger” campaign.

Helene O’Brien, a St. Mary’s student, said that over 6,500 food items were collected this year to be delivered to local food banks.

The food items were collected throughout the month of October by students from St. Mary’s, Sault College, and a number of HSDCSB elementary schools, such as Holy Family, St. Paul’s, St. Mary’s French Immersion and St. Basil’s. O’Brien also said that they stood outside of grocery stores asking for donations.

The We Scare Hunger campaign is a Ford initiative that started about five years ago, Judith Kovala of Maitland Ford told Saultonline. The auto dealership supplies the transportation; they pick up the food items from the various schools deliver it to St. Mary’s where it’s collected, sorted, and separated for each food bank. Then it’s all delivered on the same day.

Kovala, said that they love working with the students and Maitland Ford wants to help those in need in the community. Filling the food banks shelves is vital she said, “It’s one of those never ending jobs.”