They’re in! City Council Inauguration


On Monday, December 3rd 2018, 99 Foster Drive was declared the new home for five new Councillors, while the other five are returning to their familiar seats.

Welcomed to the council were;

Ward 1:

Paul Christian

Sandra Hollingsworth

Ward 2:

Luke Dufour

Lisa Vezeau-Allen

Ward 3:

Matthew Shoemaker

Donna Hilsinger

Ward 4:

Marchy Bruni

Rick Niro

Ward 5:

Corey Gardi

Matthew Scott

Throughout inauguration speeches, tears, as well as laughs were echoed throughout the council, and those feelings were shared with their family members in the crowd.

A new city coat or arms was unveiled, and now resides behind Mayor Christian Provenzano. It has multiple ties to the city, including the Old Stone House, the city’s steel heritage, as well as the Soo rapids among others.

While Mayor Provenzano’s daughter was trying to escape and find a seat with her dad was a lighter moment in the ceremony, his gratitude and appreciation were apparent, but he knows work needs to be done. Provenzano made note of the city’s opioid crisis, saying it is at the forefront of problems that will need to be tackled with this term of council.

Many council members also touched on the topic, seconding the Mayor, who has stated this will be his last term.

While challenges will be faced, a shared optimism for the city was had throughout all Councillors, something they will need plenty of for the 2019-2022 term.

Above is the live stream produced by ONNtv, the first time the Soo has been able to see Council in high definition! A sign of things to come.