Can You Help Brenda Welcome Refugees


The Sault Community Career Centre is preparing to welcome a number of refugees to Sault Ste Marie. But, to do so they need the community’s help. They are looking for volunteers and donations to make the transition easier for the families that arrive in the city.

Brenda Cooper, Volunteer Coordinator at the Sault Community Career Centre, visited the ONNTV studios to talk with Lou Anne Young about  welcoming these families into our community.

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  1. Some information that might clarify some things for people who are not aware of the facts:
    1. Not all the newcomers you see in the city are refugees. Most are either international students who receive NO financial help from the government or immigrants who had to pay to get here and who support themselves. 2. We have 28 refugee families in Sault Ste. Marie (less than 200 people, most of whom are children). The population is approx. 70,000 people If you do the math, you see that refugees make up LESS THAN ONE THIRD OF ONE PERCENT of our population.
    3. I check the job postings every day and there are jobs. Some require more education than others and some are not well paid, BUT there ARE jobs. Many employers are finding it difficult to find people to fill jobs.
    4. I have lived in this city for 10 years and keep hearing about our shrinking population, businesses struggling, schools with declining enrolment. Newcomers are adding to our schools’ enrolment, buying food and clothing for their families. That is a good thing.
    This is not a fact; it is my heartfelt opinion. My life has been much richer since I met many of our refugee newcomers. Their commitment to family and community and their gratitude for freedom and safety is overwhelming.

  2. Only the ignorant speak against refugees. They have not taken the time to seek education and facts that prove their hateful thoughts and opinions as completely wrong. They have not seen the facts proving that refugees and/or immigrants give back more than is used to save them. Nor do these hateful few realise some of the money used is a loan and will be paid back. They also don’t realize that these immigrants, these people, create jobs and use governmental assistance less than those born to Canada.

    And lastly, ignorance and hate only creates more hate. So please check your facts on refugees. They are human beings. They are mostly children. And they will give back more than they need.

  3. Why are so many assuming that refugees aren’t getting into the country legally? They’re getting into the country legally…Very few who apply actually get in. Quit typing and read a book

  4. No no no!! I’m the working poor!! Like most Canadians. Trudeau selling our sovereignty down the bloody river!! Man people are soooooo stupid! And then I read oh so many hateful comments!! This has nothing to with racism and everything to do with trying to make it in this world without foreigners coming here and soaking up all the funds!! Bring on the stupid replies now!!

  5. Allowing everybody to come in illegally, is unsustainable, we cannot afford to let everyone in, call me racist if you want, but i am just a taxpayer fed up with my tax paying dollars being given out like candy, when me and my husband both work full time just to manage to keep what we have, which isnt much but we worked hard for it. By the way merry christmas not happy holidays, we shouldnt change to accomodate others

  6. If it was a handful you are talking about helping ok. But there is thousands. What we should let them all come to our country because soft hearts think it is the right thing. Well there is more people living in Canada that have a right to our opinions on such matters, then just you few. Just because we don’t want them here, doesn’t make us racist or anything, just people who have an opinion.

  7. I like that: “being born in Canada is like winning the lottery” – it’s true – equal rights, humanitarian laws, clean water, labour laws and insurance, a plethora of resources, separation of church and state, no active war zones… We’re far from perfect but we have enough to share with fellow humans. Helping those in need doesn’t take from others in need, people give what they can, and it enriches everyone and our community for it. To hate the needy – families and children escaping a brutal war – simply for being needy is shallow and desperate and I pity those that muster that amount of hate in their heart.

  8. Saddened to see these hateful comments. Our plight is not the fault of those seeking Asylum. It is at the hands of every white elitist politician that squanders billions of our tax dollars every year.

    We have more than enough money, and resources to support everyone.

    Lay blame where blame belongs, not the poor people seeking refuge. Stop electing asshats and start electing people who represent the good in society.

  9. Funny how people shoot their mouths off against people who care about their city and want to help our own first then of course help others… who we chose to help is our business, and not you telling us who we have to help! You have no idea what people give too or not! Take them into your home, do not try and force refugees on others!

    • There are too many keyboard warriors expounding their perverted views about these ‘migrants and refugees’ Who ends up losing in the long run, all of us who pay taxes to support these people who do not want to work, do not want to assimilate yet stand there with their hands out demanding whatever they want. Keep this crap up and you will be living in a Venezuelan, Cuban, North Korean type of city.

    • Mailis Lewis what a miserable person you are … we are all immigrants… please do all of your Xmas shopping online because no retail worker should have to put up with you

    • oh, you’re one of the religious types. I see on your page you have the quote “1 Corinthians 16:13
      Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” So I’ll hit you back with “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

      — Romans 12:11-13”

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