Community Comes Together For Christmas Cheer


Yesterday we told you about how busy it was at the Christmas Cheer depot at the former Sears Store location in the station mall. Today, the entire space sits empty after hundreds of volunteers gathered early this morning for the big day.

In what can only be described as well organized chaos, volunteers took their position in lines where they were given slips then set out to grab a turkey, bag of potatoes, bag of carrots and then proceeded over to tables where more volunteers were waiting with fresh oranges and apples. Everything was then packed in a box and then rushed off to be added to boxes of non-perishable food and toys for families, set out waiting on literally dozens of tables.

Other volunteers then organized all the boxes for the zones, drop off depots such as churches, schools and various other locations. All the boxes for a zone were then loaded onto carts of all sizes and brought over to one of two exits where trucks of all sizes, along with even more armies of volunteers, quickly loaded the vehicles for distribution not only here in the Sault, but north to Batchewana and east to St. Joseph Island and Bruce Mines.

Community minded individuals ranging from business owners, employees, polititians, schools, neighbours and friends formed the passionate/warm-hearted army of volunteers and the entire process of organizing, packaging, loading and distributing the Christmas Cheer was accomplished before noon, and that included clean up of the old Sears location!

The entire process today was summed up by a quote from Peter Bruijns who recently moved to the Sault to take a position at the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre earlier this year.

“For me this is awesome that people in the Sault come together to do so much! The scale of this activity was impressive.”, said Bruijns, Executive Director Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre.

Congratulations to all the volunteers who helped to make Christmas a special one again this year for over 1,700 families. Words can’t begin to describe how proud you make our Community!


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