Conservation Authority and Algoma U Promote Increased Environmental Research


The Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority and Algoma University are pleased to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed. This memorandum will foster supportive experiential learning, research, and information-sharing between the two organizations.

The training of future scientists in advanced studies in Biological and Environmental sciences is integral to a sustainable and successful natural environment in the Northern Ontario region and beyond.

It is hoped that Algoma U students and researchers will partner with SSMRCA staff in research assistant-ships, internships or co-op programs, and assist in data analysis. It is expected that this partnership will create opportunities that can bolster both Algoma U and SSMRCA research capabilities.

This Memorandum of Understanding recognizes the potential for this relationship to assist both parties in meeting their respective needs more effectively and in strengthening regional research and development capacity.

The SSMRCA is one of Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities. Providing cost-effective watershed management based on over 50 years of local experience, the local watershed encompasses a 552 square kilometer area which includes the St. Marys River watershed and a number of smaller watersheds draining the northern shore of Lake Superior. The SSMRCA manages over 5,000 acres of diverse ecosystems including forests, wetlands and shorelines. Some of these properties contain significant natural features while others are directed on flood control.

The newly launched Algoma University Office of Research & Innovation and Experiential Learning Hub’s priority is to align research talent with the needs of the local community by facilitating collaborative research efforts between the university, government, and the private sector. Algoma University aims to make a real and lasting impact through the creation of more hands-on experiences and related supports, particularly in the area of research and innovation.