Council Implements Accommodation Tax


At its meeting of December 10, 2018, Council approved By law 2018-218 to implement a 4% Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) effective January 1, 2019 in the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

The 4% fee will be applied to accommodations less than 30 consecutive days and includes
accommodations at hotels, motels, motor hotels, lodges, inns, resorts, bed and breakfasts or any place an accommodation is provided.

In accordance with provincial regulations, 60% of the tax will generate funding to promote
tourism within the City of Sault Ste. Marie through the non-profit entity previously funded by the industry-led Direct Marketing Fee. The remaining 40% will be retained by the City for tourism promotion and developments.

The provincial government’s Transient Accommodation Regulation 435/17 came into effect on December 1, 2017 and provides the necessary provisions for municipalities to implement a MAT. More information on the MAT including instructions on completing the MAT return form for businesses is available at


  1. Just because other places do it, doesn’t mean it’s right or smart to do it here. All this tax is going to do is subsidize a “coordinator” and their office budget.

  2. I doubt that 4 percent is going to lower taxes…improve road condition etc. Is the city that short on cash that they need to penalize visitors? This new council is very backwards in its thinking.

    • Actually Michigan has a 6% hotel tax. With those being US dollars, it shouldn’t stop people coming to the Canadian Soo. Also, Iceland is one of the most expensive places to stay but it’s income off tourism is off the charts. Glad to see council is finding alternate forms of revenue. If it’s put back into marketing and promotions for our tourist industry it will reap many benefits.

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