Gingerbread Houses that Kindness Built


The downstairs of United Baptist Church (Malabar) in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario was transformed into a Gingerbread House workshop on Wednesday, November 28, 2018.

Members of the Sault Branch (District 3) of R.W.TO. /O. E.R.O. came together to share in a special outreach project for some of the Sault’s isolated seniors.

“There are many seniors, who live in long-term care and retirement residences who do not receive any visitors, either due to family living far away or because they have no family at all.” shared Bernice Whalen, Goodwill Committee member, and Past President of RWTO Sault branch.

As a retired kindergarten teacher, Bernice Whalen knows a thing or two about building gingerbread houses. She told Saultonline that when the Christmas season was underway, gingerbread houses were always a special treat for the children.

“Gingerbread houses can serve as a potential way to unlock memories of Christmas.” she said. “Our hope is that the seniors who receive a gingerbread house will know that someone is thinking about them – and that they have a friend.”

In the video above, Bernice Whalen explains the project and why it is so important to bring Christmas cheer to seniors who may be feeling isolated and alone this season.

Superior Media salutes teachers who continue to inspire minds – of all ages. Thank you to the retired women teachers, Sault branch RWTO/OERO. Your kindness will surely lift spirits at Christmas for all of the seniors who receive your gift of friendship.

Caution – The photo gallery below may bring on a sudden need to make royal icing.


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