Heaven Cent is Help for Community

Stephanie Parniak St. Mary's Chaplin, Students; Jordyn Ralston, Zachary Lacelle, Alyssa Ritchie, Christopher Czop, Vice Principal St. Mary's College

Over 12 local charitable organizations benefited from the fund raising skills of the students at St. Mary’s College Tuesday morning.

The organizations were the recipients of this year’s Heaven Cent Celebration of Giving campaign.

In just 21 days, over $15,254 was raised and each group received a donation of $500 or $1,000.

The event grew from an event that was started in the early ‘90s by teacher Bob Denham. Christopher Czop, Vice Principal at St. Mary’s College told Saultonline that Denham picked up a penny on the floor and pointed out to some students that you couldn’t do much with one penny, but many pennies could make a difference. The event was rebranded “Heaven Cent” when the St. Basils and St. Mary’s moved to their new location.

Czop, says the campaign gives the students a “sense of moral purpose,” and some of them have told him they feel “called” through the Catholic teachings to perform good works.

Sandra Desmoulin, Program Director of Breaking Away says the $1,000 donation they received will mean that the program can operate. Breaking Away is a program for adults with developmental disabilities survives on donations and student fees.

Wrayanne MacDougall, of Women in Crisis, says their $1,000 donation will mean a special Christmas for the women and children in the program.

Heaven Cent isn’t just about raising money – the students also perform charitable actions. This year they will send 900 Christmas cards to residents in senior homes and there will presents under the Christmas tree for 52 kids thanks to the St. Mary’s students.


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