Algoma’s Star will Shine again. (updated with pictures)

"This star is part of our cultural history." shared David Selvers, President Millenium Crane Rentals. "We are proud to be part of bringing the Star back to the community."

Thank you to David Selvers, President Millenium Crane Rentals for sharing his pictures with Superior Media. The following photo gallery speaks for itself.

In honour of the season, Algoma Steel Inc. is pleased to announce they have partnered with Millennium Crane Rentals to resurrect the Christmas Star. The Star was crafted back in the 1980’s by members of Algoma’s Central Trades group. Measuring 29-feet across, the steel framed star was wired with lights and hoisted high in the sky to shine bright over the Steelworks, bestowing goodwill and best wishes to the residents of Sault Ste. Marie.

The star has been dark for the last few years, and with the company’s recent emergence from CCAA and return to its roots as Algoma Steel Inc., it seemed only fitting to resurrect the tradition. Algoma personnel dusted off the star, outfitted it with new lights and partnered with local supplier, Millennium Crane Rentals, who have provided their 80-ton crane with its 165-foot boom to hoist the star.

Look for the star in the sky, starting Wednesday evening. The Algoma Steel Star will shine brightly over Sault Ste. Marie until the New Year. On behalf of everyone at Algoma Steel and Millennium Crane Rentals, season’s greetings and best wishes for 2019!


  1. Algoma Steel Inc, owned by who exactly? “A group of investors” doesn’t cut it. Inquiring minds want to know, what is the big secret?
    I’m sure he media can find out with a little digging!

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