Male Arrested for Sexual Interference


On December 12th, 2018 officers with the Investigation Services Division of The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service arrested a 50 year old male from Sault Ste. Marie for sexual interference.

It is alleged that on multiple occasions, in April of 2018 the accused touched a young person known to him for a sexual purpose.

The accused was taken into custody on December 12th and has been charged with;

3 counts of sexual assault,
2 counts of sexual interference,
One count of invitation to sexual touching, and ;
2 counts of uttering threats.
He was held for bail court.


  1. its funny how city police don’t name the individual but when there are prominent people in town accused of things the first thing they do is drop the name. But of course, when those prominent people’s charges are proven not to be true, no coverage of that. It blows my mind how they can be selective on who’s lives they destroy. Not saying that this guy is innocent, just pointing out the selectiveness of the police. And they cannot hide behind the “to protect the identity of, or protect the victim” crap as this is no different then protecting the identity or victims of those prominent peoples names dropped by police in their media releases. Someone needs to hold this police service accountable for their actions. So much corruption. That being said, I am pleased that the new chief is taking some steps to clean this service up!.. still doesn’t negate the fact that they have done so much damage to those in the past.

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