Provenzano Talk with Lou Anne Young


Mayor Christian Provenzano visited the Indian Friendship Centre this week. The centre is very special to Provenzano, it was the first place he was invited to visit when he became Mayor in 2014.

Provenzano, sat down with Lou Anne Young and talked about his relationship with the centre and what he’s learned from the Indigenous community.

Watch the video above


  1. The history of the area is not all truthfully nor clearly out enough however definitely violations did occur of the serious kind not only to them. Good thing for other races that did not settle for ways that were not reasonable to self care. Neither do I condone though the cruelty of any kind from either side . In addition realizing there was likely more the aboriginals were subjected to through forced separations within families by who all in the system. In all fairness however it has happened to others too of various nationalities for no good reason.

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