Romano Talks 2018


Its been an active and challenging year for our local MPP Ross Romano. He as faced a change in the party leadership and narrowly won  reelection. And he’s dealt with the local economic issues; restructuring process of Algoma Steel, ensuring Noront considered Sault Ste Marie, and the continued operation local rail lines.

He sat down in the ONNTV  studios with Lou Anne Young  to talk about the challenges and successes of 2018.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    At 8:29 of the interview MPP Romano said, and I’m paraphrasing, in the last election the people of Ontario largely voted for a “Conservative” government.

    Unfortunately for Ross that’s a factual inaccuracy (some call these things lies but that’s too strong here).

    The truth of the matter is Ontario voters largely voted for a “Progressive Conservative” government.

    That doesn’t sound like much, but there’s a big difference. Let me explain:

    “Progressive Conservatives” care about helping the economy for the benefit of people.

    “Conservatives” care about helping the economy at the expense of people.

    Huge difference.

    Clearly Doug Ford is a “Conservative”.

    After all, Stephen Harper spent his final days as the Prime Minister rallying with the Fords and Ford Nation. And beside that there’s always this strikingly similar Harper/Ford comparison from veteran political journalist Susan Delacourt:

    Yes, Doug Ford is exactly like Harper. Heck, Harper might even be pulling Doug Ford’s strings?

    Anyhow, the main point is:

    Doug Ford is no “Progressive Conservative”. He’s a hack-and-slash “Conservative” who could care less about making people’s lives worse just as long as business profits go up.

    What Doug Ford doesn’t seem to realize is that under a true “Progressive Conservative” government business profits can go up while people’s lives get better!

    The secret is to make appropriate investments (like home cancer treatments for people who would otherwise have to travel), AND appropriate cuts to wasteful things that don’t make the majority of peoples’ lives better.

    Appropriate cuts to things like eliminating automatic wage increases for our Police/Fire/EMS heroes.

    Listen, we could never afford to pay or First Responders what they’re worth, but that doesn’t mean they should get whatever raises they want either. It actually means they should get 0% wage increases for the next decade or so. If that came to pass we can actually afford MORE of First Responders to lighten the load of the under-staffed, overpaid First Responders who are unlucky enough to be burdened with the massive responsibility they are currently burdened with while not having enough human resources to keep their fellow First Responders healthy and stress free.

    In Summary Doug Ford should: 1) Give cancer patients who have to travel for their cancer care “Home Cancer Care Kits” (no matter how expensive), and 2) Pay First Responders (Police/Fire/EMS) a maximum of 0% wage increases for at least his entire 4 year mandate. And the same for the other Provincial Public Service Workers.

    That’s what a progressive conservative would do.

    Prove you’re a “Progressive Conservative” Doug Ford and MPP Ross Romano.

    People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, and right now I’m not feelin’ the love.

    Citizen Mark Brown

    • Sure thing Ted if you are a libturd or even worse a commie socialist. Ye be the fool for thinking that there is anything better. At least he respects the Veterans and the poppy or have you conveniently forgotten the slimy ndp led by Whorefat, the liar and mega socialist. He may not be perfect but he is better than anything else.

    • Cross the floor??? To what?? The mini van party that was more than happy to destroy this province? God help us all if you were suggesting the Commie Socialist ndp under Whorefat.

    • This city has a high rate of cancer. There is no way Mr. Romano can get re-elected with his and his parties terrible stance on cancer care. He will be a one term wonder.

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