SaultOnline’s Most Covered Issues of 2018: Opioid Crisis


2018 has been a long and, definitely interesting, year. To wrap it up, here are some of the bigger issues we covered throughout the year.

Opioid Crisis

Vice’s Documentary, Steel Town Down, and followup, Everybody’s Dying shed some unsightly, and some may say, biased light on the City of Sault Ste. Marie and it’s growing opioid crisis. Here is some of the coverage SaultOnline did on this topic:

The Fall Out of Steel Town Down by Craig Huckerby – Published Feb. 11, 2018

It’s pretty cool when Sault Ste. Marie get national attention, but the hard hitting documentary “Steel Town Down” that aired nationally on CTV Saturday night didn’t exactly paint a pretty picture of our fair city.

The one hour documentary, was broadcast as an episode of W5 – hosted by Kevin Newman showed how bad the drug overdose problem really is in Sault Ste. Marie…

Full story here.

Mayor Talks Candidly on Overdose “Crisis” in the Sault by Craig Huckerby – Published Feb. 18, 2018Provenzano

It’s been a week since the controversial documentary, “Steel Town Down” aired nationally on CTV, but the dialogue is just starting.

For many in the Community, the documentary was an eye opener of what is going on in the Sault and in every community across Canada. Is there a solution to the problem? Mayor Christian Provenzano sat down with SaultOnline’s Riley Smith to discuss the issue, the filming of the documentary, why council hasn’t declared an overdose crisis for the Sault plus the next steps that need to be taken for the Community as a whole to combat the problem.”

Full interview here.

Steel Town Pride? Let’s Talk About This, Saultites by Riley Smith – Published Feb. 28, 2018

Following CTV/Vice’s airing of SteelTown Down a couple of weeks ago, there have been many conversations circulating in our community in regards to our health and social services.

Many people are asking why there is no help or funding. Many of us are ridden with disappointment and even embarrassment that, we, as a city have left the hurting and most vulnerable stranded with nothing…

Full story here.

Steel Town Pride: ‘Healing Our Community’ Starts With You by Riley Smith – Published Mar. 20, 2018

The W5 documentary ‘Steeltown Down,’ released in February of this year, has sparked conversation amongst Saultites from all walks of life.

For those on the front lines, and those who are experiencing the devastating impacts of addictions either firsthand or through a loved one, this has opened up the perfect time to really hammer out a plan based on the needs of our community specifically…

Full story here.

City May Look to Revitalize Jamestown by Christopher Shoust – Published Mar. 5, 2018

After the W5 CTV program aired called Steel Town Down about the Sault’s opioid crisis, within which Jamestown was highlighted, council is going to discuss tonight possible rejuvenation of that neighbourhood.

This is also coming after Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre’s GIS department has been saying for a number of years that there is a lack of parks and outdoor recreation activities in Jamestown…

Full story here.

Family Matters Works Towards Finding Solutions for Opioid Crisis by Riley Smith – Published Apr. 30, 2018opioids

The battle to save the lives of opioid addicts rages on in Sault Ste. Marie, with Family Matters hosting a public forum and informational conference with experts in the field to help develop tangible results for our community.

This week’s three part conference consisted of a public forum on Friday night, a conference with plenaries and breakout sessions on Saturday, and will finish with a think tank with community leaders on Monday…

Full story here.

Provenzano Addresses “Steel Town Down” Allegations by Content Team – Published Oct. 15, 2018Provenzano

ONNtv’s Lou-Anne Young spoke to Mayor Christian Provenzano on ‘Top Story’ and asked him about everything from the ‘Steel Town Down’ documentary to the latest healthcare services offered here in the Sault and more…”

Full interview here.

Here are some more resources available throughout the city:

Steel Town Down, But Not Out: Gimme Shelter by Riley Smith – Published Mar. 7, 2018

Steel Town Pride: Job Searches, Skill Development, and $$ by Riley Smith – Published Mar. 16, 2018

Steel town Pride: Affordable Legal Assistance and Guidance by Riley Smith – Published Apr. 4, 2018

Steel Town Pride: Naloxone Kits – Where to Get ‘Em? by Riley Smith – Published Apr. 9, 2018