SaultOnline’s Most Covered Stories of 2018: Provincial & Municipal Elections

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2018 has been a long and, definitely interesting, year. To wrap it up, here are some of the bigger stories we covered throughout the year.


2018 was the year of both Provincial and Municipal Election seasons. Scroll down to see SaultOnline’s coverage of both tight races.

Provincial Election

Sparks Fly at ONNtv’s All-Candidate Debate by Megan Pounder – Published May 30, 2018

ADD“ONNTv hosted an all-candidates debate Wednesday evening, giving each party a chance to state their platform policies and their views on various topics…”

Full story and debate here.


Ontario Elections. Incumbent Ross Romano Elected in Sault Ste. Marie by Lynne Brown – Published June 7, 2018

At this hour, with all 62 polls reporting, Ross Romano PC, has been re-elected tonight in the riding of Sault Ste. Marie. Follow along with ONNTV’s coverage here…

Full results here.


“I would do it again,” says McCleave-Kennedy After Loss by Megan Pounder – Published June 8, 2018

“Emotions filled the NDP’s room at the Delta as the poll numbers came in during Thursday night’s Provincial Election.

As the final numbers were coming in, showing the PC taking the lead 13,498 to 13,084, a teary-eyed Michele McCleave-Kennedy stood up to address the crowd, thanking everyone for their unwavering support…”

Full story here.

Ontario Votes – Michael Mantha Re-Elected in Algoma-Manitoulin by Lynne Brown – Published June 7, 2018

Michael Mantha (NDP) is projected to be re-elected in Algoma Manitoulin. At 10:16 pm , he had a comfortable lead over the closest candidate, Jib Turner PC. At this hour, Mantha has secured 58.09% of the vote in the large geographic region called, Algoma-Manitoulin.

With 89 of 111 polls reporting at 10:16 pm – The race can be called for incumbent Michael Mantha...”

Full story here.

Municipal Election

Municipal Election Candidates Get the Low-Down on Campaign Rules by Alex Parr – Published Aug. 2, 2018

MElectionOn August 2nd, 2018, mayoral and councilor candidates for the upcoming Municipal Election were invited to an information session at City Hall.

With the October 22nd date for the election approaching, the information session was an opportunity to be apprised of changes to the Municipal Elections Act…

Full story here.

Rory Ring is Running for Mayor by Content Team – Published Aug. 10, 2018

Rory Ring is looking forward to the challenge of running for Mayor. He stopped by the RingONNTV studios to tell Lou Anne Young why he chose to run.

Full interview here.


Municipal Elections 2018: Here’s Who is Running for City Council by Content Team – Published Aug. 10, 2018

Civic CentreSaultites, the nomination period to run for the 2018 municipal elections, (which opened May 1st) has officially ended on July 27th.

The vote will take place on October 22nd, with an adjusted ward system for the first time in 18 years, dropping from 6 wards to 5…

Full story here.

Mayor Shares Hopes for Future of SSM: Municipal Elections by Riley Smith – Published Aug. 17, 20118

Mayor Christian Provenzano speaks up about his bid for mayor in the upcoming 2018 City Council elections.

In addition to sharing his hopes and aspirations for the Sault in the coming years, Provenzano also said if he gets into office again, that will be the last term he serves.

Full interview here.

Missed Council and Mayoral Candidate Debates? Highlights Here by Riley Smith – Published Oct. 15, 2018

ONNtv hosted a series of debates for those running for city council, in partnership with the Sault Ste. Marie Association of Ratepayers. If you missed it – no worries. Here are the highlights…

Full story here. Watch the debates here.


To Plunk or Not to Plunk? That is the Question This Election Season by Megan Pounder – Published Oct. 19, 2018

During every election, the topic of plunking – or bullet voting – comes up, and this election is no different.
So, what exactly is plunking?…
Full story here.


Sault Ste. Marie Municipal Election 2018. The Results. by Lynne Brown – Published Oct. 22, 2018

Democracy doesn’t get much more grassroots than municipal elections. We had quite a full slate of candidates running in the newly designed city ward framework. Sault Ste Marie voters turned out to the advance polls in record numbers and all totalled, 22,133 people cast a vote according to the City of Sault Ste Marie’s website election coverage…

Full results here.

Who Got Elected in Townships and Municipalities in Algoma Region? by Lynne Brown – Published Oct. 23, 2018

Superior Media will continue to update results of the October 22nd Municipal Election for municipalities and townships in our region…

Full story here.



School Board Trustees in Algoma Region: 2018 Municipal Election Results by Lynne Brown – Published Oct. 23, 2018

Full results here.





Provenzano Reflects on Election and Discusses Future by Content Team – Published Oct. 28, 2018

Christian Provenzano easily won the municipal election,giving him another four years to lead the municipal electioncity. Provenzano, joined Lou Anne Young, on ONNTV’s Top Story, last week to talk about his plans for the future.

Full interview here.