St. Vincent’s Receives Stuffed Limo

Stuff A Crusier with KC and O'Sullivan
Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

You’ve heard of stuff a cruiser events, but have you ever stuffed a limo?

That’s just what one local company did this year.

KC Security Services partnered up with O’Sullivan Funeral Home at Food Basics on Trunk Rd. to stuff both a cruiser and a limo full of toys, toiletries and non-perishable food items for St. Vincent’s Place.

KC Security President Daniel Laprade said they chose to support St. Vincent’s Place as he thinks it sometimes gets pushed to the wayside.

“St. Vincent’s is one that I feel sometimes is left out of the mainstream places that get donations,” he said.  “I was actually doing something else for them, sponsoring a gift for Christmas and then I came up with this idea (to help them out.) I think it’s a good fit.”

Laprade said he reached out to O’Sullivan about a month of two ago to talk about working together on events like this one, as Laprade himself used to be in the funeral industry before he got into security, so he thought this partnership would be a good fit.

He said he feels good about being able to help people in the community who may be less fortunate over the holidays.

“Especially this time of year – not everybody has food or toiletries, or even a place to go,” he said. “So if we all kind of chip in and give something then we can make sure that everybody has something, at least for the holidays, they’ve got their basic needs covered.”

Sara McCleary, the marketing and fundraising coordinator for St. Vincent’s Place, said she thinks this is one of the many ways the community shows their generosity.

“It’s really amazing how generous our community is,” she said. “Every time I’ve sent out a call for volunteers or donations, the Sault has stepped up in a really big way. It’s thanks to those donors, and businesses like KC Security Services and O’Sullivan Funeral Home who partner with us, that we can help the number of people that we do. I really love to see the way the city is able to come together in times of need.”


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