Baby! – It’s Cold Outside! But It Has Been Colder!


If you had a hard time starting your vehicle today, you’re not alone. A representative from a local towing company said there was a 6 hour wait for service most of the weekend, including Monday morning when the temperature dropped to -31.2c (at the airport) overnight according to Environment Canada.  The weather agency issued an extreme cold alert for the entire area Sunday – it has since been lifted. A slight wind made the air feel colder at -36c to -40c Monday morning.

Though it has been frigid the last few days, it’s actually been much much colder in past years.

The coldest temperature recorded on this date for Sault Ste. Marie was in 1986 when the mercury dropped to a bone chilling -35.9c  but that’s nothing compared to the year 1927 when the lowest temperature ever recorded for Sault Ste. Marie was set on January 26th of that year with an unbelievable -41.1 c recorded – now that’s cold!

By the way the warmest temperature recorded on this date was plus 3.6c in 1989. The average temperature for this time of year should be around -5.7c

Nonetheless, school buses were cancelled for both school boards Monday morning. Lake Superior State University closed its doors this morning and Searchmont Resort was forced once again to close the resort Sunday due to a secondary wave of cold air that pushed in Saturday night.

The cold weather is expected to let up somewhat this weekend with the forecast calling for temperatures rising to the near freezing mark on Sunday. Until then daytime highs will linger in the minus double digits and not moving much during the overnight periods.

The Polar Vortex, which is responsible for the sudden below normal chills will continue to push east and north over the week before sinking again over the region next week according to  National weather forecasters, who say we can expect colder than usual temperatures for the most part until mid February.