Coats and Space Heaters Needed


Prior to the start of Monday night’s council meeting, Coun. Sandra Hollingsworth brought to attention that, due to the extreme cold weather we’re experiencing, Social Services is holding a coat drive.

Adult coats can be donated to both the Neighbourhood Resource Centre on Gore St., as well as the Ontario Works building, located at 540 Albert Street E.

Hollingsworth also noted that Pauline’s place is looking for space heaters due to drafty building they’re located in. These can be dropped off at Pauline’s Place, located at 923 Queen St. E.


  1. Would there not be concern for circuit overload/ fire hazard with several space heaters plugged in?

    Anyway to help reduce the drafts in other ways? I’d be happy to donate the window treatments that help reduce drafts, expanding foam, blankets? Any need for these materials?

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