Esquire Hosts Largest Barstool Olympics to Date

Barstool Olympics
The Esquire Club's 8th Annual Barstool Olympics. Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

100 “athletes” filled the Esquire during its 8th annual Barstool Olympic games this weekend, making this year’s event the largest to date.

Events included darts, pool, poker and shuffleboard.

18 teams of between four and five people were divided into three divisions during this sold out event – the Esquire Porketta Pilsner Division, Miller High Life Division and Coors Light Division. Molson is a big sponsor of the three-day event, and winners receive attire

Esquire Club’s Matt Patreau was one of the organizers for this event.

“It’s all about the fun factor,” he told ONNtv’s Tim Murphy during a studio interview promoting this event.

“(In this day and age) it’s let’s go do something and have a beer while we do it. That’s what it’s all about, right?” Boomer Braido added.

Entry fees included two meals cooked at the Esquire, a team jersey, as well as the big prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Each individual also received a medal, made from the top of a beer can, for each event.

Divisions rotate through each event in a points-based round-robin system, and the final six teams (two from each division) will square up against each other on Championship Sunday for the Barstool Olympic trophy. Plaques and Molson attire will be handed out to the top three teams.

This event kicks off the whole year at the Esquire, and is just one of their many events and fundraisers held throughout the year. Extra proceeds from all of these events go into a pot and are dispersed throughout various charities around Christmas each year.

“It’s our members and patrons, they have a good competitive nature, that’s what drives everything,” said Patreau.

Another big event for the Esquire is Catch the Ace, which made national news during its last cycle, lasting 52 weeks before someone hit the jackpot. CTA started again shortly after that, and is in its seventh week. The pot is almost at $10,000, which Braido said is “leaps and bounds ahead of last year’s draw at this time.” The charities CTA is supporting this time Big Brothers Big Sister, the Group Health Centre Trust Fund, The Foundation servicing the Special Olympics of Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma Lung Association.