Gore Street Crash Caught On Camera


Yet another collision at the Gore street and Albert street intersection, this one captured on surveillance video yesterday afternoon and posted to Facebook.

in the video you can see both vehicles approaching the intersection almost at the same time .  However the east bound vehicle slamming into the north bound vehicle – both vehicles appear to sustain major damage.

Sault Ste. Marie police have not gotten back to us regarding this collision, no word if there were any injuries.

The intersection has been a bone of contention with many motorists on Gore and Albert street – the city installed a stop sign on Albert street, but still many are not noticing it.


  1. You know what would fix this? PAYING ATTENTION TO SIGNS. Stop means stop plain and simple. That truck made no attempt at slowing down nor breaked when in the section. The lights won’t help either as I have seen numerous accidents when going to the salon on the corner as a child. It actually scared me about driving when I got older. Some of y’all need a dang wake up call and get your heads out of your rear. Hope no one was injured and hope they pay attention better next time.

  2. Get rid of the green sign that is on the corner that is about the same height as a traffic light would be. The green sign is on the north east corner. People travelling east on Albert mistake it for a green traffic light. I guarantee thats the problem

  3. Kristin Samuel-Stevens it’s instinct to drive through, it used to be lights, you don’t see a red light you don’t stop. And there are no other measures along Albert prior to this stop sign to slow traffic, lights at Albert and Huron are gone, Albert and Andrew are gone and they have right of way there. Then all of a sudden they have to stop.
    Besides I have never in my driving history seen two one way streets both with two traffic lanes and only one direction stops. The north side vehicle has a very difficult time seeing if anyone is coming when someone is beside his in the south side lane.
    The city traffic department unfortunately will wait until someone dies at that location.
    And finally, this is one of the routes from the bridge for US visitors, do they see things as easily when looking at street signs, etc.?
    Pending lawsuit waiting to happen.
    Just my opinion.

    • If you’ll scroll down and see my post below, we are two people that think a lot alike. Defensive driving is where it’s at!

  4. I think a hanging red light would help. Now they have removed the lights at Huron and Wellington Street and I have seen some close calls there also. It is a semi blind intersection as you approach Wellington.

  5. I’d like to know what the accident rate was before they removed the lights and what it has been since the removal. There is a solution here if the accident rate is a lot higher now. I think that the problem is that the Staff at City Hall doesn’t want to be proven wrong and won’t go back to council to suggest that the lights be put back. If, by putting the lights back, saves one life or prevents anyone from being hurt, then the lights should be put back up. City Hall, swallow your pride and have another look at this deadly situation.

    • I couldn’t agree more. They messed this up and they messed this up bad. Its been over two years of this going on now. From day one it was clearly the wrong decision and now theres been well over a dozen crashes in this three block radius. Gore street, St Andrews and John, all three intersecting on Albert have had ample car wrecks since the removal of lights. Theres still several schools that are in the area, Its insane that theres children being pushed in strollers from day care up and down this road, and our goverment thought this to be wise and responsible to remove this safety valve. Just wait til theres a stroller with 4 kids ran over because the lights werent there. Shame on you S.S.M

  6. Normally I come straight up Gore Street to get home…. think I’ll just go the long way around from now on. What’s another 25 cents in gas right? totally better than the cost of a new car, or my life!

  7. A lot of impatient distracted drivers who are in a rush…..The cars I’ve seen that have not cleared off their back window of snow is pathetic in this town…ok rant over..have a safe weekend everyone!

  8. I live close to this problem intersection and I have to say that since they ( city) revamped Albert St West from Huron to Gore in removing of lights and four way stops it is a speedway once some is travelling eat on Albert from Huron as there are NO stops for them at l…they speed right to Gore …don’t pay attention and go right through the stop sign…our city needs to take more responsibility with what is happening at this intersection of Albert and other ones along this stretch….Placing of flashing red stop above stop signs would help….and these signs can be solor powered…..the city has turned a blind eye to what is happening…pur new city councillors for our ward need to go to bat for us.

    • I’ve been saying since the beginning they needed those lights on top of the stop sign….. they’ve got them all over the place…. but apparently making city hall look pretty was more important?

  9. I do not understand how people think can think putting the lights back ill solve the problem,if a driver can not see the Giant STOP sign,how can you think driver s will stop for a Little STOP light!

  10. first of all both driving too fast for winter snowy roads ..did you see how hard they hit ,their just lucky it never hit in their doors,,and you should always slow down when you get close to any intersection ..my rant for the day …

  11. My son got hit by a car at that corner many years ago when there were traffic lights there. So guess it doesn’t matter, people need to pay attention to the road, their driving and what the hell is going on around them. That’s why they gave them a license in the first place. You passed then…well use that and experience now! Christ sakes!!?

  12. Idiots. Daydreaming and thinking about everything but their driving.
    Time to clamp down with heavy fines penalties and suspensions.
    They are driving up insurance rates sky high for the good drivers who do pay attention to what they are doing and don’t deserve it.

    • Rephrase that to idiot singular please! I was not the one who ran the stop sign!!! And the kid who did it felt really bad about it.

      • I was referring to all of the ‘idiots’ who are doing this type of thing daily. Driving while high or daydreaming, texting, or any number of other things. On another note it doesn’t matter how he felt. He screwed up and could have easily killed someone. I wonder if that was his first accident. I hope so and he will now smarten up.
        If I am ever driving up gore towards that intersection I slow down and look towards it very carefully, not ever go sailing on up there and just assume people will stop.
        I’m glad you’re ok.

  13. Wow one truck try to you can sew the brake light come on and slid on the snow and ice the other truck went throwna stop sing like the report said that conner have a stop sing there so why didnt the other truck stop then or city needs to up a bigger stop sing then

  14. Honestly too many people don’t pay attention to stop signs anywhere in our city unfortunately. That intersection can be a bit deceiving so simply adding a single red light for the Ablert traffic would make it more apparent that you have to stop there.

    • people just need to pay attention to their driving I see the sign everytime I go that way… then again I dont have my nose in my phone when driving

  15. If you’re going the speed limit and you’re paying attention there’s lots of time to stop even if someone does run the sign. I see people run that all the time.

  16. It is a just a matter of time until a pedestrian gets killed because of people running this sign. Someone is either going to take a direct hit or find themselves in the path of an out of control car.

    • Nah all the pedestrians in this area know damn well to be super careful on that corner. Tho we do have a lot of drunks and druggies in the neighbourhood that wouldn’t have the where with all to be careful…. but that’s a whole nother rant 🙂

  17. Not even an attempt to stop. It’s been a stop sign for over a year and before that there was a 50/50 chance of the light being red. Motorists who use that intersection should be in the habit of stopping by now.

    • Ian McLarty thank you!! The truck got what was coming to him. The same thing happened to me by the Nicolette just yesterday. The black car was proceeding with a good amount of speed as I was right there in front of him and he almost took me out so I came to a grinding halt and I just laid on the horn there was no right of way for that person to be proceeding at the time that I have the right of way me and the car crossed for me and the car behind me all were honking horns, we ALL, almost took that idiot out and he was only looking one way, towards queen east.

    • Vicky Evans maybe put it right in the middle of the road as well lol…its been this way for a year or so now…u think ppl would just obey the stop sign that’s already there

    • People do drive bad but It’s a very weird intersection. From the moment they took the lights down I knew it was going to happen. You start low, then come up a hill on a weird angle, with two streets weirdly intersecting before that on Albert. The fact that so many accidents happen here proves it. If it was just bad drivers the crash rate would be spread out. This intersection is a black hole.

    • Bill Kennedy they need to put the lights back up problem would be solved I don’t use that part of town often but when I do I get all confused and I was raised in that neighbourhood sad what they did to it back then it was the odd accident out of carelessness

    • Isabel Muise if you get confused by a sign that says stop then you clearly have problems!!! You’re a liability to your insurance company and you definitely should not have a car let alone a license!!

    • Well I’m saying bad drivers would crash at every other intersection as well…..but it’s not working out that way. There are plenty of other stop signs on that street people aren’t missing. I drive that road a lot…….it’s a weird intersection. It doesn’t feel right, it’s hard to explain.

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