Hutchinson, McCleary Talk Doug Ford


What do you think of the job that Doug Ford is doing as Ontario’s Premier?  Local freelance reporter Sara McLeary wrote an op-ed asking that very question and Winona Hutchinson was more than happy to answer it.  They both joined Lou-Anne for Top Story to discuss the issues.


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Winona seems to be saying that citizens should NOT voice the REAL PAIN they are going to be feeling as a result of Doug Ford’s announced cuts.

    I’m wondering if Winona would take her own advice and NOT voice her SHOCK AND UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT if the recently elected Doug Ford Government announced the ELIMINATION of ALL FUNDS to bring the opioid crisis to it’s knees.

    Yeah, not so much. Right Winona? You’d speak out about THAT right?

    Winona’s apparently firmly held belief that we citizens should keep our mouths shut and let Doug Ford pass whatever cuts he wants to pass is just another example of a POLITICIAN telling us everyday folk, who deal with the pain these governments dole out, to keep our thoughts, ideas, and complaints to ourselves.

    And you were looking so promising Winona. Oh well. Another one bites the dust.

    What Politician Winona is saying is, “The Conservative Government knows more than YOU because they’re MORE POPULAR than the people YOU voted for.”

    Politician Winona is also saying, “YOU, my fellow citizens (and hopefully future constituents when I run to be your Conservative MP), KNOW NOTHING that the Doug Ford Government doesn’t already know (except for how their decisions will be making YOUR LIFE HARDER). Besides, the party you voted for ISN’T AS POPULAR as the Doug Ford Conservative Party. So, If you don’t like the cuts Doug Ford’s government is making then just keep your mouth shut, and, maybe, you can try to get rid of Doug Ford and his hack-and-slash-first/think-later government in four years when the next election rolls around.

    Until then go ahead and have your little town-hall meetings, and Doug Ford will send his people to PRETEND to listen to you, and then Doug Ford will cut whatever he wants to cut, and stuff whoever’s pocket with money he likes because, hey, that’s the way Majority Governments work. And let me tell you, Doug Ford definitely does NOT want to stuff recovering cancer sufferers’ pockets with money. No way. No how. There’s no profit in it for him.

    Deal with it sucker.

    Don’t worry though, Doug Ford’s people, your so-called “representatives”, will be around again in 4 years to talk with you on your doorstep, and beg for your vote again.”

    Yep, that’s what Politician Winona is telling you. But please correct me if I am wrong Winona.

    Citizen Mark Brown

    • Comrade Mark is very vocal but a joke when it comes to being heard by even our own council. Commie Mark is doing what any good propagandist does, If you can’t shoot the message, kill the messenger.
      Over all a good rant but commie cabby, your credibility is questionable which makes your rant all the more humorous.
      No need to respond fool, Just please
      Take your meds.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Bill, about being a good propogandist. I appreciate it very much.

      Right back at you my friend about, “kill[ing] the messenger” (lil’ol’me) . You know, by calling me a “Comrade…joke…Commie…rant[er]…commie cabby…questionable credibility…humorous rant…fool”, who needs to, “take your [my] meds.”, but that’s probably a little over-“kill”, Bill, for a nobody everyday citizen like me.

      Overkill Bill. That has a nice ring to it.

      In any case, I trust that all of us everyday citizens have more than enough brains to spot a politician from a mile away and avoid them like the plague.

      But hey, who knows, maybe Winona will recognize the error of her ways, and go back to being the sincere, smart, caring person she was about two months ago before the Conservatives started making her their politician, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll go back to being the caring communicator who’s interested in solving real problems for real people by speaking HER mind, and not her political masters’ minds.

      We will see.

      Citizen Mark Brown

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