Liberals told to reverse policy course to hold mantle of ‘feminist government’


OTTAWA — A prominent Canadian feminist says if the federal Liberals were the feminist government they say, they would be trying harder to build a universal daycare system to help more women into the workforce.

Brock University’s Kate Bezanson argues a self-declared “feminist government” should consider doing more and faster toward a universal system that could quickly boost women’s participation in the labour force.

The federal treasury is set to dole out $7.5 billion over a decade to help fund child-care spaces across the country, and the government has issued invitations to an event Wednesday with the minister in charge of the file.

Firm promises of transfers to the provinces are only good for three years, after which new funding deals must be signed.

Bezanson argues all the work the Liberals plan to tout could be undone after this fall’s election.

Her paper, published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Law and Equity, says the Liberals should do with child-care spending what they have done with affordable-housing money and lock in the spending so a future government can’t cancel it.

The Canadian Press


  1. P.M. Trudeau is a self- declared feminist and stated that everyone should be a feminist.
    Prior to being P.M., which feminist groups, focus groups, organizations, task forces, etc did Trudeau participate in? I can’t find any.
    Does a legitimate feminist P.M. manhandle women MP’s as he appears to have in Parliamentary sessions?
    Does a legitimate feminist P.M.respond to allegations that he groped (also called ‘assaulted’) a woman by saying he “doesn’t recall acting inappropriately”.
    Does a legitimate feminist P.M. who says that we have a duty to believe every account of sexual assault yet waves off his own allegation of sexual assault (i.e. groping) because he simply doesn’t remember?
    He claims to be a feminist however he claimed that people really didn’t need daycare and slashed daycare cost claims for income taxes which hinder men & women from being able to fulfil careers (and then hires how many full-time nannies for only two kids?)
    Who does this? A “feminist of convenience” who is only feminist to pander for cheap votes.

    Broken promises & rhetoric – just more of it with nicer hair, prettier smile and flashier socks.

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