No School Buses Due To Pending Storm

school bus lights

Due to the impending weather system approaching and in the interest of safety all school related transportation is cancelled today for all Boards in all areas.  Schools are open.

Environment Canada has issued a winter storm warning for the district including Sault Ste. Marie.

Heavy snow and strong winds are expected to last most of the day.


  1. Too bad everyone didn’t feel this way, some parents would have to find care for their children. They figure schools are glorified babysitters. They send their children even when they are sick. People should contact the board of education and voice their opinions.

  2. The schools remain open to assist those parents who have no babysitter. In essence the school system steps up and helps those kind of parents out. WITHOUT THIS ASSISTANCE FROM THE BOARDS MANY PARENTS WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO WORK ON A SNOW DAY. Parents always have the right to keep their kids home in weather like this.

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