Ring Gets WildFit


Chamber of Commerce CEO, Rory Ring is stepping up and taking the WildFit Corporate Challenge!

WildFit is a transformational nutrition program that guides the participant step by step towards a permanent change in how they eat and think about food. It’s the perfect program for protecting a person’s long-term health and vitality. The WildFit challenge is delivered online, which means participants can do the program from the comfort of their home or office, and from any location in the world.

The primary benefits to participants include: Weight loss, increased energy, improved mental clarity & focus, and a healthy lifestyle. Employers benefit from reduced sick days (the average in Ontario is 8). increased productivity and output, improved mental clarity and focus, better overall employee health, reduced healthcare costs, a positive and progressive workplace culture and better morale among employees.

Lou Derrer is a Certified WildFit Coach who will be at the Chamber’s Health and Wellness Expo Saturday January 19th at the Station Mall from  9:30am-5pm.  Employers and employees are invited to stop by and learn more about bringing the WildFit Challenge to your workplace!

Learn more about WildFit click here.