Sault College & Algoma University offer new Joint Pathways


It was an exciting day at the Sault College Welcome Centre, as both Asima Vezina, President of Algoma University and Ron Common, President of Sault College announced the two schools will be collaborating moving forward.

The institutions will be providing new “2+2 Pathways” to help students with diplomas earned at Sault College to continue studies in their field at Algoma University, which will be opened up for the Fall 2019 term.

ONNtv caught up with Dr. Ron Common as he shares his excitement to get the programs underway

Today, representatives from Sault College and Algoma University joined together in the new Sault College Welcome Centre to sign academic agreements that support enhanced student mobility between the College and the University.  The expanded partnership between Sault Ste. Marie’s two post-secondary institutions establishes new, or enhanced, transfer pathways which maximize credit recognition while allowing students from a range of programs at Sault College who complete their diploma to seamlessly transition to Algoma University to complete a degree in a related subject area.

The agreements streamline and harmonize the student experience so that credits are directly acknowledged and accepted.

This new partnership strengthens each institution’s commitment to providing quality education and aims to put students first. Under the agreement, Algoma will recognize applications from Sault College students who have completed the first two years of study in the following Sault College programs:


Sault College Diploma Program Algoma University Degree Program

Business – Accounting


Bachelor of Business Administration
Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Technician

Forestry Technician

Natural Environment Technician


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
Police Foundations Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice

These pathway agreements align with the College’s strategic priorities, specifically to give students the education that they want and more!

For more information on these pathways please visit

“Today is an amazing day for Sault College and Algoma University students! This unique partnership supports learning and highlights our joint commitment to providing diversity and opportunity in post-secondary education. By partnering with Algoma University, we are not only offering a greater range of options for our students but also supporting our community and those who choose to study here. Another important objective of this partnership is to increase enrolment at both institutions by combining the more practical job orientation of Sault College programs with the theoretical academic focus in years three and four at Algoma University.  This partnership provides an important combination of theory and skills that we anticipate will be attractive to students from home and around the globe,” said Dr. Ron Common, President Sault College.

“These new pathway agreements reinforce the College’s commitment to providing students with an exceptional educational experience. Students will have a variety of options as they move through their educational careers and will have the opportunity to further grow and evolve as learners. Sault College is honoured to partner with Algoma University and looks forward to continuing to foster this important community relationship,” said Colin Kirkwood, Vice President Academic and Research, Sault College.

“This has been a fantastic day for students in our community! The opportunity these pathway programs provide for students is exceptional,” said Asima Vezina, President and Vice-Chancellor, Algoma University. “It is essential that Algoma University and Sault College be leaders in our community; focussing on student success and future development. Providing more options for post-secondary education is critical, especially in Northern Ontario, and I am so proud to be part of this initiative. I look forward to future collaboration and partnership with Sault College, and continuing to be at the forefront of innovation in our community.”


“I am very excited about what this partnership means for students and our community,” said Donna Rogers, Academic Dean, Algoma University. “This agreement provides an opportunity for creativity in programing, combining theoretical and practical learning. Everything our institutions do is focussed on student success, and these new pathways are a testament to that. It is important that Sault College and Algoma University take leadership roles in our community, and demonstrate the array of possibilities out there for students and their futures. Being able to provide students with two credentials, experiences at two institutions, while focussing on future success is truly impressive.”


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