School Transportation Cancelled Due To Extreme Cold

School Bus

Due to the extreme cold temperatures and in the interest of safety, all school transportation is cancelled today for all Boards.  Schools will remain open.

Parents are reminded to ensure that students are dressed properly for the weather.

Please note that secondary exams scheduled for today will be rescheduled. Please confirm date with your school.



    • Kristopher Burghout when I was a kid, I lived right by the school, and when this happened, I had the choice to go or bot go on the days buses are cancelled. On the days I went, it was one big play day in the school and the kids lived it. Some kids had to go to school cause they were too young to stay home and their parents worked.

  1. I notice that this is not the first time parents are crying “close the schools!” Every few days this year when there’s a snow squall or there’s temps over -20C, people are saying “CLOSE THE SCHOOLS!”

    What a bunch of snowflakes you are. Previous generations survived JUST FINE walking to school in these temperatures. I still walk to work in this. I still walk to work when the sidewalks aren’t plowed. It’s called “bundling up.” Hats, mitts, scarf…..

    How about to satisfy these so-called “parents,” we close the schools during the ENTIRE WINTER? Education clearly isn’t important!

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