Storm Creating Hazardous Driving Conditions


A Strong low pressure system is hitting the area hard with sustained winds of around 30km’h and gusting beyond 60 km/h creating blowing and drifting snow.

The storm is expected to last right through this evening and leave behind anywhere from 15 to 30cm of new snow.  Driving conditions are described as hazardous, blowing snow has reduced visibility. Winds will continues to blow the snow around until at least overnight tonight before the low pressure system exits the area.

The storm forced cancellations of school buses Monday morning, schools however were open.

Despite the on-going storm, OPP report that Highway 17 remains open both north and east of the Sault at this hour, Check for any updates.

A number of businesses and services were also closed today due to the weather, The Bushplane Centre closed at noon while   Ontario Works, Housing Services and Early Years Office was also closed due to Inclement weather.


  1. If schools closed there would be that much less traffic on roads, for those that have to go to work!! Pretty sure my owner paid more for wages than profit yesterday, i would have gladly stayed home if given the opportunity. Driving on days like that should be limited to emergency needs only, mall parking lots were quite funny to watch yesterday tho, whats so important that you had to go out in that weather omg lol

  2. The plows always come at night, which makes sense cuz thats when the storm calms down. I seen people driving around in small cars getting stuck, comon is sault ste marie, people here dont know how to drive in general lmfao you think they are gonna stop driving in this weather?

  3. Greenwoods is closed! went to work but had to leave at 1030am…took 35 mins to get home. Baseline is treacherous. Be safe everyone!

  4. I dont understand why they keep the schools open. If the roads are unsafe shut down the city and everyone stay home and safe. Let the city do their jobs and work on the streets with little traffic.

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