Take Note! User Fees Going Up

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City Council passed a bylaw on Monday night that will allow the increase in some user fees and service charges starting later this month.

Starting Jan. 21, fees such as some of the following (but not all) will be going up in cost:

  • Sault Transit fares to go up five cents to $2.90
  • parking meters downtown and at the Civic Centre will also go up five cents more to $1.35 an hour
  • food vending licences will see a hike from $25 to $270
  • renting the Bondar Tent Pavilion for your wedding ceremony and reception? That’ll cost $1,326 this year, up $29 from 2018
  • cemetery lots will now cost $95 more ($950) for a single grave, and $190 more ($1,900) double

The changes in the user fees reflect an estimated increase in revenue of $162,460, and come following a recommendation by Hemson Consulting Inc. during the city’s comprehensive user fee study that was completed more than a year ago.


  1. City councillors should be paying to park
    Parking should never be over $1.00 per hour
    City employees are being grossly overpaid
    Transit fares should go down not up
    They are setting the stage for a shrinking retirement town with their never ending backwards thinking

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