The Advent of the Upsell


Remember when your amps only went up to ten ? Where do you go from there? Well nowhere….that is… up until Spinal Tap and Nigel Tufnel decided to make 10 one louder….” these go to eleven?” The same thing happened in the recording industry and it made $illions, if not B$llions for musicians and the industry. I am talking about the “Live Album”

Where do you go when a band has recorded and sold platinum status records and the money pit is about to dry up? You simply record the same songs during stage performances and cash in again…cha-ching!

Now, to be fair, it’s not always a steal for the companies involved (MCA, Elektra, Sony) etc. The fans actually get to hear a different version of the same songs and quite often with a twist and a shout.

I remember a few of my first live albums and boy do they bring back memories. The first one was either “Live After Death” by good old Iron Maiden or”World Wide Live” by our German friends the Scorpions.

Aside from the electric energy from the crowd screaming and the subtle differences in the songs that only a trained ear could hear, you also get the preamble to the songs by Bruce (Dickinson) or Klaus (Meine).

One of my favourite songs by Maiden, “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” had a new twist when Bruce introduced it on the live version….”This is what NOT to do if a bird sh*ts on you…The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner !!” What an orator. What about the Germanic non-pause from blistering through a sentence with only an up-screach at the end to let you know the sentence is done. ” Hey listen you know why we like to play in California you know why because you people really know how to party” LOL, or how about this long run-on sentence; “You having a good time out there? Do you have a good time out there? Alright here’s Can’t live without you and I want you out there to count it down with me alright? Hey, you know what I’m saying I want you to count it out loud One two One two what do you think this is you can do better Alright alright watch out Hey LA can you see my finger out there Alright are you ready to go Do you want to do it again? Alright, watch out One two One two” LOL Wild, weird wacky stuff! Wasn’t that classic ? !

Speaking about preambles by musicians during a live performance (scroll to 43 seconds)

Yeah, those live albums were dynamite; I think KISS might have started it with “KISS Alive”. Yup just googled it and they started the whole craze….and I am not surprised as… leave it to Gene Simmons (I’m not a big fan btw) to capitalize on a whole new scheme to make coin; but I do have to admit they started something and that something was classic.I’m sure you all have your favourites as well and that is why we love live shows and performances right ?

Hey, wait a minute, that’s a great segway Che!

Speaking of Live shows; the Killer Dwarfs will be playing live at  on Saturday, April 27th in case you live underneath a rock and haven’t heard. Tickets are a measly $24.50 and are going fast.

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