Too Cold For Searchmont


The extreme cold temperatures  along with a slight wind making it feel much colder , has forced Searchmont Resort from opening Sunday.

“Due to extreme cold (-38°C) Searchmont Resort will have a delayed opening today. We will monitor the weather and decide the best course of action for the safety of all customers.” Adam Bouillion , events and media co-coordinator for the resort said in a release Sunday morning.

A blast of arctic air began to develop Friday afternoon and the temperature has fallen ever since. The high temperature on Saturday was -17c but felt closer to -30c  The cold weather is expected to linger on until Tuesday with a promise of more snow showers as the temperatures rise.

The district remains under an extreme cold warning issued by Environment Canada Saturday.


Adam Bouillion
Events & Media Coordinator


  1. Look at that beauty just down the hwy.. from us love to be there try to break a leg 🎿 but I like to keep me legs in one piece but it is fun I tried couple times but seems Everytime I get to the top of the mountain I roll down head over tea kettle to the bottom instead of using the ski that seems to be me problem if I could only stand on my own 2 feet I be alright lol for real true story climb back up to the top start going down bam by the time I hit bottom I am a full frosty the snowman in a ball at the bottom how in world you stay on those skinny ski lol 😂

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