What is the Population Projection for The Sault?


Shape the Sault is set to present its Population and Employment projections – completed by Dillon Consulting, in association with Metro Economics – to Council during Monday evening’s meeting.

Launched in February of 2018, Shape the Sault – New Official Plan Project is now moving into Phase Two of the work plan.

These population projections will form the basis of the ‘Land Use Focus Area’ of the Official Plan, and will be utilized to determine future residential, commercial and industrial land needs over the next 20 years – projecting the following to 2036:

Population/Housing –Total increase of 9,900 people requiring 4,000 new dwelling units.

Future Land Needs based upon Current Supply:

  • Residential – Additional land of up to 106ha (262acres)
  • Industrial –Surplus land of up to 342ha (845acres)
  • Commercial – Additional land of up to 74ha (183acres)

The ‘Land Use’ phase is the next focus of the New Official Plan Project, where planning staff will work with various city departments and stakeholders to conduct an analysis of future needs and identify future growth areas where appropriate.

To date, the Shape the Sault team – which was allocated $250,000 as part of the 2017 budget – has participated in over 40 events. These include pop-up consultation at events and festivals, and meetings with various stakeholders and public open houses to discuss specific focus areas of the Official Plan.Shape The Sault staff have had over 2,000 face-to-face conversations with the public to date.

Staff will continue to attend public events, organize stakeholder meetings and public open houses throughout the remainder of the work plan.

According to documents in the upcoming Council agenda, it is anticipated that an Official Plan Draft will be available for public review next winter.


  1. The way it is going with a major recession about to hit the population will be down to 50,000 by 2022. It will be nothing more than a retirement town for those who can afford it.

    • Unfortunately, too many are choosing to go the regressive, dormant and stagnant direction to date. It has been a big issue for decades.

      The outcome of the distant future remains to be seen though at this point, it is clearly not a good one, in my mind, for a lot

      That can change, in my analysis.

      Definitely, not by some magic mentality.

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