Algoma Steel and City Disassociate From Local Businessman Dave Selvers Following Blog Posts

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As reported first on Sunday, one supporter of the United We Roll Protest has been denounced by the organizers of the Truckers protest because of the comments made online.

Dave Selvers, a local businessman and organizer of the yellow jacket movement locally has had an enormous amount of backlash surrounding comments he has posted and written on his blog.

Up to now, Selver’s business, Millennium Crane Rentals was a supplier to Algoma Steel, the steel company has now dropped his service as of Tuesday issuing a strongly worded denunciation of Selver’s social media posts.

Algoma Steel Inc. said in a tweet Tuesday, “Mr. Selver’s stated views are in direct conflict with our company’s core values. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment free from violence, discrimination or harassment of any kind. This extends to our business partners.”

Mayor Christian Provenzano also jumped in stating he would place action on Dave Selvers, but didn’t specify how.  It is not certain if Selver’s company does business with the city.

The Mayor was responding to a tweet from ONNtv’s Tim Murphy who tweeted, “Will the city do the right thing and follow Algoma Steel’s example in dealing with Dave Selvers and Millennium Crane? Use your leadership to demonstrate that hatred has no place in the City of Sault Ste. Marie’s business affiliations.”

Selvers took to his blog page last night to address the criticism stating that he has done nothing wrong “All of the comments contained on my site are neither hateful nor malicious” Selvers wrote, “I do make reference to the execution of corrupt politicians who have committed treason and espionage and I do so in a manner reflective of history, and because I am an avid shooter and hunter somehow that makes me a threat to society”.

Selvers blog is full of hate speech calling for the execution of politicians including a post on Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, US Representative for Minnesota. He writes, “She’s a f–king filthy Muslim swine from Somalia just like Canada’s “egg head” immigration minister Ahmed Hussen. Selvers also writes in another blog post that “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

Selvers also wrote earlier this month, “Trudeau must be arrested and tried immediately for treason and upon being found guilty, executed… I despise this faggot twerp as much as I do that black Muslim N—-r terrorist Obama both are of the same retarded mind”.


  1. The man and his ideals are wrong no doubt. Trudeau is also wrong and should be tried no doubt. Hating hate doesn’t make the hate go away, just makes more hate. Can’t make it darker outside by being more dark, Love is the answer and that is the issue. This man Dave Selvers posted some stupid ass hate speech sprinkled with bits of truths about the left/liberalism/democratic politics. His speech is gross and that is a fact. He’s still a human and pouring more hate on him doesn’t make him more or less wrong. It makes the person pouring the extra hate wrong…. check Dr. King on this if you disagree. He didn’t call for the execution of any man. He just wanted equal rights , freedoms and liberties for everyone.

  2. whats really stupid is the people condeming dave with hate speech are committing hate speech against him . and then you get the Canadian Anti-Hate Network weighing in on the debate and they openly condemn anything to do with anything christian in our country . the double standard of the left is totally incredible, and by the way , by definition Trudeau has committed treason , and the normal punishment for that was pretty much death . But we live in a kinder gentler society now we celebrate evil and only kill unborn babies

  3. I have to say Marc Dupuis is right . Free speech is hate speech , if you’re going to say its not then someone has to define hate speech and then that persons bias infringes on the other side . We are all big boys and girls here and we don’t need to get so worked up , if you don’t like it don’t read it . If anyone argues with that lets go through the Soo and pull up everyone who denies the holocaust happened and make sure they lose their job and drag them through the mud . Oh but the rules only apply to right wingers , we’ll just forget that antifa is going around busting heads open and destroying property and worry about facebook posts

  4. Must of been about 5 years ago I deleted his stuff cause I found it offensive doesn’t mean I wouldnt use him as a Craneman .Fight bullying with bullying back what a stupid world

  5. Does this guy not realize that tweeting, blogging or putting anything on any social media is considered a legal document and can now be used as evidence in court? That’s if anyone that he’s wrote about want to take legal action?

  6. This man is a threat to us all in the Soo. His bizarre letters to the editor of the Sault Star began some 20 odd years ago. I can only hope that the police will monitor him…he has matured from a mildly dangerous writer to a threateningly dangerous writer. We don’t want to have to say, after the fact, that we thought this could never happen here.

  7. HE IS CORRECT – “Trudeau must be arrested and tried immediately for treason and upon being found guilty, executed… I despise this faggot twerp as much as I do that black Muslim N—-r terrorist Obama both are of the same retarded mind”.

    • Why don’t you do an AncestryDNA Test. I’ll be the first to Donate to a GoFundMe that will pay you to go back to whatever European Nation you mark highest in from your Test. If you don’t like Ethnic Diversity please go to your White Ancestral Home. As a person who identifies with my First Nations Ancestry (as well as my Irish) I feel that Racists should return to their Race/Homelands where they can feel more at home than they do on Turtle Island.

  8. Got no reason to rent a crane, but do use a chiropractor from time to time, as do several friends of mine… You can bet Dumanski won’t be the one they use from now on…He maybe should think about relocating, possibly in a back room in the next town that Selvers moves to….:).

  9. Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequence. I’ll let you say anything you want but depending on what you say doesn’t mean Im not gonna knock you out afterwards.

  10. This man talks mental illness of the goverment ..outragous bursts of anger to many ..a total of 8 followers on his blog at the time I read it …You show many signs of pstd and mental health issues …A city worker died back in 2009 as a result in working for this company.charges were dropped and company fined …..I say to him you have some kind of trama from that or unresolved guilt which you turned into hate .To Mr. Selver you can get help…

    • Marnie Catherine no, no, no….this has been brewing more than 20 years…read his posts in 5he Sault Star well over 20years ago. Don’t look for unresolved issues unless you’re a trained psychologist.

  11. How can any respectable business want to associate themselves with this man. He is clearly unstable with radical thoughts. No place for hate in this world let alone in our city.

    • Tonia Clark doesn’t matter. What one person considers hate another considers it not. If no one is allowed to say anything because someone gets offended the slippery slope never ends until no one has any freedom at all. If you dont like what he says dont read his blog. Just like if he doesn’t like what you write he can ignore you. What’s your problem.

    • Marc Dupuis Free speech means that you can say it….and accept the consequences. ALL speech has consequences of one form or another. You are free to say it….I am free to stop doing business with you because of it, free to unfriend you or block you because of it, free to rebut it.

    • That’s right Karen. If someone doesn’t like it either ignore him or give an intelligent rebuttal. I bet though your indignation would be opposite if he was a leftist homosexual promoting LGBT ideology and conservatives were working to destroy his business instead of just ignoring him.

    • Marc, there’s a difference between not agreeing with hate speech, and your example of conservatives trying to ruin a business based on hate. A big one. Learn it.

    • Brett Davey You are trying to ruin his business based on hate. My example is the same only opposite. You hate him and what he has to say therefore you want his speach shut down. Same diff. Learn it.

    • Hate speech is so broad that it is only used as a tool against anything leftists dislike. It is a leftist marxist strategy to shut down any discourse they deem inappropriate. I am not defending his content but his right to say what he wants. If leftists can March in parades in leather thongs and or pussy hats this guy should be able to have a blog that people do not have to read.

      • You are obviously ignorant of the law and Marx. Find me an example of someone convicted of a hate speech crime in which the speech could be considered as broad as you claim. Good luck.

    • Using bigotry and hatred to ruin a business is not comparable to someone ruining their own business with their bigotry and hatred. The difference between a parade and his hate speech: he’s trying to take away rights and dignity from people, while the parades are literally meant to do the opposite and provide dignity, acceptance, and rights to people who have historically been discriminated against. You really need to educate yourself, you’re a prime example of what this world needs to rid itself of.

    • Brett Davey Your a prime example of leftist bigotry that thinks you and your opinions are the only ones to be spoken and if someone says otherwise then they should be exterminated. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot all had the same leftist marxist mentality. All leftist men are beta males that think emotionally like women. They are so insecure in their convictions they have to silence opposition rather than use reason and intellectual debate like alphas do. You are a leftist beta. The man is writing a blog that no one has to read and does not interfere with anyone. Ba-duh.

    • Brett Davey you also are the typical hypocritical virtue signaling lefty that thinks that every thing they think is right and good and everything else is hate. Such a beta.

    • Dorothy Bianchi to call me a Marxist because I advocate for free speech including your dumbass comment and not just leftist speech shows exactly what an embecile you are. Go study Marxism and how the Bolsheviks killed anyone that spoke the slightest thing against Marxist thought.

    • Marc, you’re clearly misinformed in your views. You are what this city is trying to move away from as far as mentality from our population. Enjoy showing your hatred online, we can all see it now.

    • Hate towards people for no reason vs hate for people spewing bigoted statements. Large difference, try to learn it. Maybe go back to school, read a book, get a brain, whatever you need to do.

    • So you’re a snowflake because you’re complaining about people expressing their opinions on someone expressing their that about right? Your clear triggered status leads to obvious observations that you’re insecure in your ideology, and trying to express it without success is leading you to go crazy.

    • No beta Brett. Seems your triggered. Plus I am not defending content of anyone so you cannot claim anything. I am defending the right of people to speak their minds without being ruined or shut down. That includes his blog whatever the content is, or your leftist beta comments or some pussy hatted man hating feminist. If you dont like his content then debate him and refute him. Give intellectual, statistical, and scientific arguments to why his writings are garbage. Or ignore him like so many people ignore so many pornographic websites. So I am not the triggered beta snowflake trying to shut down public discourse by weeping and gnashing my teeth about hate. And you are not the Ministry of Truth(1984).

    • Pretty sure threatening a person’s life is breaking the law regardless of your political stripes. Advocating and spreading a message of violence to any group or person can’t be tolerated.

    • Jason Lawrence I went and looked for a threat. There is some nasty content in that blog and much of it is not politically correct. But so what. If it’s the part where he says that Trudeau should be tried for treason and espionage and if found guilty then executed that is not a death threat. It is a statement advocating due process of law with harsh penalties upon being found guilty.

    • If you want free speech move to America, where did Canadians ever think they have free speech? We have hate laws which apply to speech, and you are not allowed to do it. And in America free speech does not mean that a person needs to tolerate the things said to them, the speech may be free, but the speaker is not free from the consequences of that speech. Why is it so hard for conservatives to understand this simple fact. Just like your actions, your words have consequences, free speech or not.

  12. Well lets see how fast this SO called man loses business ! I for one cant wait to see him alone, homeless, and desolate! Will serve him right to lose everything, there is no place in the human race for garbage like this!!

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