Came For a Visit and Won’t Leave

Amanda Jarrett and Laurie Jarrett

Sometimes you gotta wonder how wildlife can survive the harsh winters we have. If it’s not the cold and ice and a ton of snow making it harder to move around, there isn’t a lot of food sources either. Somehow they manage to survive.

Take this owl.

Photo courtesy Amanda Jarrett and Laurie Jarrett viewer Laurie Jarrett sends in these shots of an owl in her daughter’s backyard. “It’s down the street at my daughters I took the pictures but it’s just sitting there since yesterday hasn’t moved on north street… in the tree in her back yard.”

Owls prefer a live meal we are told, so chances are it’s staying put looking for small rodents. Owls are not common backyard birds, but they can be highly desirable guests and are incredible to hear and observe when they do visit.



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