UPDATE: Dave Selvers Pulls Out Of ONNtv Interview

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Perhaps the pressure is getting to Mr. Selvers, but just hours after announcing a live tv interview ONNtv Thursday, Dave Selvers has decided not to do the interview.

Selvers originally agreed to the ONNtv request last week, making demands that the show be live as he didn’t trust “recorded” material and that Andy Martens was to conduct the interview.  Despite agreeing to his terms, the controversial blogger informed us Wednesday afternoon that he will no longer do the interview.

“We’re disappointed that Mr. Selvers has decided to back down from a one on one interview. We wanted to give him a chance to explain himself in his own words, as a news organization, it was the only fair thing to do – to allow an opportunity for him to defend himself and his comments – I guess he doesn’t believe in being accountable for his actions”, said Craig Huckerby Executive Producer ONNtv. “Selvers was told by someone not connected with ONNtv that the interview was going to be done by ONNtv’s Tim Murphy and that’s why he is pulling out”, Huckerby said. “Murphy was never interested in doing the interview”


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Last week a local Sault Ste. Marie businessman was put in the media spotlight surrounding blog posts and online comments that some would describe as “hate speech”  Dave Selvers, owner of Millennium Crane Rentals was singled out by the web site ANTI-HATE.CA in an article describing Selvers as a racists and white supremacist for his views on Canadian Immigration Policies, Muslims and the Trudeau Liberal government.

Selvers maintains that what he writes is not hate speech despite posting derogatory posts calling for the execution of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling Mexicans “filth” and stating “Trudeau must be arrested and tried immediately for treason and upon being found guilty, executed… I despise this faggot twerp as much as I do that black Muslim N—-r terrorist Obama both are of the same retarded mind”.

Selvers, who organized the Yellow Vest movement locally,  has agreed to an exclusive live interview with ONNtv Thursday airing at 2:30pm

The broadcast will also be repeated at 8pm and be available on demand later on SaultOnline.com

During the interview Selvers will be asked to defend his comments, his views on the current Liberal government and his support for U.S. President Donald Trump, Canadian gun laws and much more.

Since a fire storm of media attention, several local businesses and institutions have severed ties with Selvers, such as the City of Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma Steel and Sault College have all come out and denounced Selvers position.


  1. You make me sicker than he does. At least he clearly has mental health issues. You just want publicity. This creep wants everybody who isn’t white dead, and you want “his side of the story”. As if there is one. Yellow journalism at it’s worst didn’t stoop to your level. Rebel Media wouldn’t even touch this guy. Too bad you missed your “scoop”. What a joke. Stick to the weather,.

  2. I would actually have loved seeing Tim interview the piece of excrement. But it sounds like poor Dave cant handle a conversation with a real man.

    • Andy Martens was scheduled to do the interview and only Andy as that was one of Selvers demands. Selver blogged an untruth about the interview, an excuse not to show up which was a complete falsehood.

    • Mr. Selvers backed out of the interview stating that someone, and not one of our team members, apparently informed him that Tim Murphy would be conducting the interview. This was simply not true. Mr. Selvers could have showed up for the scheduled interview and if this in fact was going to be the case, he could have simply refused to go on air and left. After all, we did agree to all his terms.

  3. I don’t agree with Mr. Selvers. His attitude and outlook on life conflict with my own views.
    That being said and to be blunt I’m quite sure we all would all also not share the same views as each other.
    Along time ago I learned that on this planet that everyone has opinions and everyone on this planet has assholes and if you look real close no two snowflakes are alike.
    Diversity is exactly what it is advertised, diverse. No we don’t have to agree. Our diversity gives us possibilities for growth.
    Like it or not Mr. Selvers is part of the diversity, my choice is to no longer give him platform and scroll.
    Screaming hate for from the hill tops doesn’t make you a better person, just turns you into what you rally against.

  4. What, are people supposed to believe this is a serious discussion? That he is bringing something to the conversation? Has this interviewer read his blog? It’s sickening. There are only 2 possible reasons for you inviting him. It’s worth it to you to offer this guy a platform (just doing that alone suggests his views have legitimacy) just for a little personal publiciity. Or you “think he has some good ideas”. I really hope it’s the first reason, thats only petty.

  5. Imagine letting this guy on tv as though he presents a legitimate alternative view. That is disgraceful. He has written some of the vilest stuff I’ve ever read. Anything for publicity I guess, no dignity at all. I’d find somewhere else to get my news folks, this place scrapes the bottom.

    • Lead story no less. Keep it classy. You’ll get your hits today but you’ll regret it long term. This is a sick individual with sick ideas, that’s beyond debate. And you are willing to spread them.

  6. I’m of the opinion that sunlight is the best disinfectant. Let him talk, give him the proverbial rope and let him hang himself. Don’t give him the sense of vindication that censorship brings. Let people see and judge for themselves if this is an individual worth emulating. I have enough faith in folks to believe that they’ll just see a blustery fool make an ass of himself.

  7. Disgusting that you would give him MORE of a platform!! We already know his views! He shared them on his facebook and blogs!!! Very disappointing a news agency would give him more exposure!!

  8. I’d like to see Algoma Steel, Sault College, The City of Sault Ste. Marie and other businesses who have stood against the bigotry on the show to express how they continue to represent strong values and lead our community. Maybe Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce should highlight members who are demonstrating great corporate responsibility.
    Bigotry and hate do not deserve a platform or a microphone. If this interview does move forward, I hope the interviewers are well prepared to hold him accountable, and don’t simply provide him a stage to reinforce or defend his views.

  9. Why are you giving this racist ignorant uneducated man a forum? The hate and ignorance around here is shameful. The fact that media would even support this delusional, ignorance POS means you are part of the problem. What an embarrassment to this community and this country.

  10. Wow I literally forgot about all the uproar last week. Hmmm is it because it is much ado about nothing?
    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  11. Seeing as he’s losing business left and right, I’m quite sure he’s just going to say what he thinks everyone wants to hear to get that back. All the hatred he has spewed cannot and should not be forgotten. He is what he is……

  12. Why would you give such a person a public platform to express his views? I think we know everything we need to know about him from his blog…….is he going to deny that he wrote it?

  13. I think he is a delusional twit. I feel like he knows it, deep inside at his core, the true puppeteer behind his hateful bluster! That’s why he’s so passionate about his garbage. If he can convince enough people he’s right, maybe he can convince himself. It’s a wasteful exercise in futility that only ends up hurting people & fueling The Divide. It’s the sociopolitical equivalent of asking questions at a hot dog eating contest.

  14. I don’t follow this man, I’ve heard what I’ve heard on the news, about how the city is cutting business ties, but could someone tell me what exactly it is he has done?? I also don’t follow ASI.

  15. This article makes no mention his views that women dont follow “natural laws” and are forced into positions of authority like government. His blog post literary named “No women in politics” explains all this.

    • Just to qoute another part of that

      “The inundation of vile anti male mantra…the indignant, genetic misandry, particularly directed at the highly advanced White Male who is the crucial component to the survival of civilized humanity, has imprinted into the Western mind and it’s not good…””-Dave

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