Downtown Fire Not Deliberately Set

Queen Street Fire
Photo Credit: Andra Reif

A fire that destroyed two downtown buildings last week was not deliberately set according to an Ontario Fire Marshal investigation.

The massive fire was first reported around 5:15am on January 31. Fire Crews spent the day fighting the stubborn fire in sub zero weather.

The investigation has not yet determined the cause, the origin of the fire appears to be in one of the apartments above one of the buildings. Ontario Fire Marshal James Allen is still trying to determine the exact cause.

The buildings were originally constructed in the 1940’s and did not meet today’s building code standards as far as thickness of walls between buildings. Demolition of 220, 224 and 232 Queen Street East began last weekend.

The fire affected three long time businesses in the downtown, namely Ezio’s Hair Design, House of Comics and Collectibles and William R. Scott’s law office

No one was hurt in the fire. The investigation is still on-going.




  1. Less then 72.hrs.. determined not deliberate, but cause still unknown & in the middle of an ‘ongoing’, unfinished investigation, we’ve just witnessed the fastest demolition order in community history.

    One might almost believe that entire departments at city hall were called upon & worked feverishly to ensure that every one was, on-hand, on-time, on-site, shovel ready, snapping salutes with paperwork & permits at the ready.?

    Or maybe an entire team of psychics joined forces with insurance investigators to expedite the million dollar question.. “How did three buildings become fully engaged & ravaged so quickly with a fire-station barely two blocks away.?”

    Either-way you gott’a tip your hat & wink at the super-human efforts involved in making this ‘scene’ go-away so quickly, just sayin.

    Strange daze indeed..

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