Employment Solutions Supports Northern Ontario Employment Agencies as HR of the North


Employment Solutions is one of the driving forces involved in a campaign supporting over 30 Northern Ontario Employment Agencies and their successes. The agencies involved are Employment Ontario service providers who continue to showcase their abilities by successfully assisting employers and job seekers throughout Northern Ontario communities with hiring needs or finding gainful employment.

Employment Solutions is a department of Sault College which provides free employment programs and services in the Algoma region with offices in Sault Ste. Marie and Blind River. Its mandate is to provide free services to businesses and job seekers, with the goal of making connections for each and finding them success. Although a department of Sault College, Employment Solutions offices are located off campus to offer accessible employment services to businesses and job seekers within Algoma.

Employment Solutions, formerly known as Job Connect or Employment Connection, has a longstanding history in the Sault Ste. Marie area and is still housed in the Station Tower. This location has been offering free employment services since 1992 to employers as well as to job seekers aged 15 and beyond.

During the last fiscal year, April 2017 to March 2018, Employment Solutions worked with over 500 employers, put up over 1,200 job postings for those employers, helped over 500 job seekers find employment and helped over 100 individuals enter retraining or return to school. Over 90 percent of employers that access services through Employment Solutions are small to mediumsized businesses. These employers benefit from the human resources support provided by agencies like Employment Solutions.

All services offered to employers and job seekers are free, easy to access and are especially important to the success, growth and creation of jobs for businesses in Northern Ontario. Services for employers include job postings, developing job descriptions and training plans, collecting and screening resumes, interview and training space, job fairs, placements, referrals from a pool of qualified candidates and a variety of incentives and funding to assist with hiring and training costs.

Last year at Employment Solutions, over 300 job seekers gained further experience with a work placement from the many northern Ontario employers the agency is connected with. Several of these employers also received over $530,000 from the Employment Ontario incentive programs accesses with Employment Solutions during the last fiscal year.

The monies received are used to assist employers with hiring and training costs and to support employee retention. Additional incentive programs and funding opportunities are also available with funding from the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Employment Solutions greatly values the relationships they have developed with employers in and around Sault Ste. Marie, Blind River and the North Shore. The relationships are strong, longterm, and are important to business success in Algoma, as well as to the success of the services made available by an Employment Ontario service provider.

In support of this campaign, employment agencies across the north will be advocating for their successful programs and services and their position as the HR of the North with local political representatives. If you are interested in joining or supporting this campaign, please reach out to Employment Solutions. Drop in to the Employment Solutions office on the 4th floor of Station Tower at 421 Bay Street, phone 705-945-0705 or visit www.employment-solutions.ca.